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Tom: Hi Gerra, how are you doing?

MedFORCE: Doing awesome. You’ve been a customer of ours for quite a long while.  How long have you actually been with MedFORCE?

Tom: Since 2004

MedFORCE: So you’re using the document imaging and you’re scanning your documents into MedFORCE, correct?

Tom: Yes

MedFORCE: Do you also do the auto filing?

Tom: Yes we do.

MedFORCE: You do the auto filing, and you have a good success rate with that?

Tom: Yes we do.

MedFORCE: And I believe you’re also using our WorkFLOW product.

Tom: That’s correct

MedFORCE: You were one of our first WorkFLOW customers that worked with us and we took a lot of your brain power to create some features.  How has everything worked for you?

Tom: It’s worked well, we typically it on item groups that require a lot of steps and aren’t as frequent as some of our more common items and items that require more documentation.

MedFORCE: Anything you would like to say to someone who is thinking of going with MedFORCE and WorkFLOW?

Tom: I think it’s probably superior to most any other product that’s similar to MedFORCE out there.

MedFORCE: What about the personnel?  What do you get from support?

Tom: Support is awesome.  Support questions are typically answered right away and we always have a good response.

MedFORCE: How does your staff feel about MedFORCE.

Tom: They hate me, but they love MedFORCE

MedFORCE: How has your business changed since you implemented MedFORCE?

Tom: It’s a lot more organized, it’s easier to find the information, I can work from home and find information in a chart, just like I can as if I was at work.

MedFORCE: And, how is WorkFLOW in what you’re using it for?

Tom: Oh, it’s amazing, it’s tremendously easier, more economical and storage issues have been greatly minimized.

MedFORCE: Great, thanks

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