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Software integration provides seamless practice management and document management


Suffern, NY and Davison, MI – August 10, 2015. MedFORCE Technologies, a leading provider of document and process management solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today the strengthening of its strategic partnership with Universal Software Solutions, Inc., the developer of the practice management solution known as Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS).


The companies have developed an interface between their software platforms that enables automated data transfer between products, including patient demographic exchange and one-click access to patient documentation. The integration streamlines workflows, eliminates duplicate data entry, and ensures instant access to vital information at all times. MedFORCE will also be a featured speaker at Universal’s HDMS User Conference in early September, presenting on the topic, “Maximizing ROI: Moving from Document Imaging to Process Improvement.”


“In healthcare, it is critically important that software systems work together for providers to realize the improvement in productivity they’ve been promised. Both MedFORCE and Universal Software Solutions are deeply committed to interoperability among technology providers,” said Nathan Apter, Chief Technology Officer at MedFORCE. “It is ingrained in both company’s cultures to work together and create the best-of-breed solution that will meet customer needs and exceed expectations.”


Universal Software Solutions President Christopher Dobiesz added, “Over the years, we have collaborated countless times in providing a unified solution for common clients in the Durable Medical Equipment, Home Infusion, Pharmacy and Mail Order distribution markets. Each opportunity allows us to take a deeper look at how we can work together to solve unmet needs, improve productivity, and help optimize provider operations. We will continue to strengthen the relationship between Universal Software Solutions and MedFORCE in service of our customers.”


The integration between Universal Software Solutions and MedFORCE enables customers to configure the best technology for their individual businesses and avoid all-in-one software that under delivers in vital areas and imposes vendor lock-in. With the MedFORCE-Universal Software Solutions integration, providers can customize the software to fit their unique needs, provide a seamless working experience, and employ fully integrated functionality that maximizes productivity.


About MedFORCE Technologies

MedFORCE Technologies provides productivity-enhancing software and services to help healthcare organizations adapt quickly to change and do more with less. Our flexible and highly-customizable document and process management products work across all areas of the business from intake and claims to mailroom, AP and HR, and assist in daily decision making based on real time information and strategic priority. We offer the industry’s most feature-rich software that conforms to your preferred way of operating and returns more time and money to fuel your mission. To learn more about the power of productivity, visit


About Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

Universal Software Solutions, Inc., located in Davison, Michigan, provides a complete, fully integrated practice management solution, called Healthcare Data Management System (HDMS), in the home healthcare markets of Durable Medical Equipment, Home Infusion, Pharmacy and Mail Order. Providing both premise-based and hosted cloud solution options, Universal Software Solutions offerings also include a suite of mobile applications for mobile drivers, technicians, therapists, warehousing, and executive reporting functions. For more information, visit


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Welcome new employees

MedFORCE continues to experience healthy growth, and our team has increased to keep up with growing demands.  We’ve added several new team members, and we wanted to introduce them.


Steve Bainnson – VP of Sales

Taking leadership over the sales department, Steve brings with him over 20 years of sales expertise and a specialization in building responsive and highly motivated teams. Steve also has extensive SaaS experience, helping companies use technology to improve productivity and further their goals.


Geoff Levine – QA Analyst

Geoff serves as a liaison between Tech Support and QA, working on client issues, identifying bugs, and enabling fast resolution. His quick wit keeps us all laughing, and his determination and thoroughness gets the job done quickly and correctly.


Wai Baird – Tech Support

Wai has joined our Tech Support team, helping clients ensure proper set up and troubleshoot issues. With a background in process improvement, Wai brings a unique perspective that not only helps clients solve problems, but also can identify areas for operational changes to see better results.


Juron’e Stuart – Tech Support

Juron’e has also joined our Tech Support team, assisting customers with challenges and ensuring they are maximizing their MedFORCE systems.  Juron’e has a naturally collaborative nature and always starts by understanding the business goals at hand to ensure not just a short term fix, but a long-term solution.


Mark Traverson – Solutions Consultant

Mark joins the Sales team with a decade of experience and an enthusiasm for new business development.  Mark excels at asking the right questions, creating strong relationships and building custom packages to meet each client’s unique needs.


Q&A with CMS about esMD

MedFORCE is one of the original CMS-certified Health Information Handlers (HIH). We helped CMS test and build the Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation (esMD) gateway which allows providers to respond to documentation requests and request prior authorizations.


In June, we sponsored a webinar featuring CMS discussing the history and future of esMD. It’s not only a great tool for shortening the payment cycle, it provides you with the tracking and accountability that is missing from traditional paper methods of communication.  In addition to CMS discussing the esMD gateway, we demonstrated MedFORCE’s ZipMit esMD product. You can watch and listen to the whole webinar on our website. If you’d like an individual live demo, please let us know by signing up through this online form or by emailing at


The presentation portion was over in just over a half hour so we had plenty of time for a Q&A session. It’s always informative for us to hear the kinds of questions that come to viewers’ minds. And, we thought it might be useful for others to learn from the group.

Here is a summary of the top questions and answers from our esMD webinar, answered by CMS and by MedFORCE.


Q: What kind of time difference does esMD promise as opposed to traditional methods like faxing?

CMS: We have had a provider tell us that, from beginning to end, it used to be 3 weeks to see payment when documentation was submitted by fax or mail. They have noted by using esMD the turnaround time is 6 days.

MedFORCE: It doesn’t speed up the time that the review contractor takes. But it does save a lot of time and cost in various ways. Because the communication is immediate, from your desk, there is time and money saved in organizing, preparing, and sending packages. You save money in paper costs, in postage, and in your time by the no delay in receipt by a RC and not having to constantly follow up to make sure your documentation has been received complete.


Q. Why are providers so slow to uptake this program? Seems like a slam dunk.

CMS: We think the issue is getting the word out. A lot of people haven’t heard of esMD yet. That’s why we encourage the HIHs to reach out to providers and we do presentations like this. It’s more awareness than anything.

MedFORCE: We have some clients who like to hold onto their paper. It’s what they are used to. In those cases, it’s about us educating them that this is easier, faster and very secure.


Q: Is there a list of approved Health Information Handlers (HIHs) and Review Contractors who use esMD?

CMS: Yes, there are lists for both available at our website at . This is the definitive spot to get the most up-to-date lists.


Q. If a provider signs up for esMD and then they have an issue with it, who should they call? CMS or their HIH?

MedFORCE: If you sign up with MedFORCE, we always prefer that you call us first. We can help drill down to what the issue might be, and we can loop in CMS if we need to.


Q: What is the volume of submissions that you are seeing providers submit through esMD? Is there a typical amount?

MedFORCE: It really depends on the size of the provider. Some of our clients submit 5 or 10 a month, some of our larger clients send over 2,000 a month. It depends on the type of business.

CMS: We don’t know how the 2 million requests for additional documentation [by the review contractors] are going to be targeted. You just never know.


Q: Does using esMD guarantee payments for audits and claims?

CMS: esMD is intended for following up on documentation requests, not for submitting claims. It is a way to submit documentation. We don’t guarantee anything regarding payment. If your documentation is correct and as it needs to be, you will be paid the same whether you use esMD, fax or mail.  When providers submit documentation through an HIH, there is a great tracking system. We can see if a document has really been received. We can use the transaction date as your confirmed date.


Q: If esMD is used to submit audit documentation and follow up on documentation requests, are providers able to use esMD to check the status of the audit through the Medicare system?

CMS: No. Right now, they can’t actually use the system to check the status, only to track the submission of the documentation. But that is something we’re looking into for upgrades to our system – the ability to check the status of pills, codes, review results and check the status of a claim.


Q: Will CMS be expanding opportunities for prior authorization through esMD for other types of DME?

CMS: Yes, we are thinking about it. Currently we are expanding to use HBO (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) and non-emergent ambulance. We’re excited about that. And we see as we are adding these kinds of prior authorizations, our system will grow.


Q: Is signing up with an HIH mandatory?

CMS: esMD is not mandatory. It is for those providers who are already using some type of EHR system and want to stay electronic. It saves them from having to print everything – just to have the review contractor scan it in again when they receive it.

MedFORCE: No, but it makes the process a lot easier.


Q: How does the pricing work? Does MedFORCE offer a per-use option or require a subscription?

MedFORCE: We offer a lot of different options because each provider’s needs are different. Typically, it’s a monthly fee for a set number of submissions and after that, it’s a per submission fee. We’ll work with providers to create  a package that works for them, and we can also bundle with our other services.


Q: Is it a requirement that you sign up with MedFORCE’s document management to use ZipMit?

MedFORCE: No it is not a requirement. You can use ZipMit with your current EMR or EHR or however else you manage your documents.


Q: Is there a fee to HIHs to use esMD? Does the service itself have a cost?

CMS: All of our HIHs charge a different type of fee. It’s not free because the HIHs went through an extensive 6-8 month certification process in order to be able to do esMD, and it cost them a lot of money.

MedFORCE: Even after we were certified, we had to develop our own product. They did not give us a product. And we continue to support it, expand it and improve it. We regularly meet with CMS and other HIHs to provide feedback and improve the system.


Q: What’s the best way to get started? What would you advise providers to do?

MedFORCE: It’s actually very simple and can be done in one day. Just let us know you want to start. Our Tech Support provides you with a URL and gives you user names and logins for unique users. Then our Training staff will teach you through how to submit documentation – we do it through an online meeting.  We walk you through how to use the product and make a submission, give you a user handbook, and our Tech Support is always available for questions. As new people get hired, we’d be happy to train them as well for you.


To listen to the full webinar and hear the Q&A live – click here


Printing forms out of your MedFORCE system is a quick way to auto-populate fields with important information such as patient demographics instead of making your staff fill in the entire form by hand.

Sometimes you need multiple forms printed for customers or clinicians to fill in and return to you. Typically this is a predetermined set, based on the service or equipment you are providing. Instead of having to check the box beside each form you’d like printed, you can create a button that is programmed to auto-print the desired set of forms. With the Forms List button, one click will create a single document of all the necessary forms with patient information typed in the correct places.

To create one of these buttons, go into Form Designer and select “Form List” from the left hand menu. You can place the button anywhere on the form you’d like, rename the button to something that is meaningful to you, and from the drop down menu select all of the forms you want it to gather and click “Add.” It’s really that simple!

As always, if you need help setting up anything like this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Tech Support team at or [845] 426-0459 x2.


Insights from Heartland

Shelly Rogers, Senior Solution Consultant, gave a presentation at the Heartland Conference on workflow automation and how business process management can improve productivity. The seminar was very interactive and Shelly reports a great conversation flowed. She came away with three key takeaways:

  • Providers continue to feel huge pressure to be more efficient and work cleaner due to competitive bidding. Whether you win or lose the bid, it has huge implications on your organization. Those who have won now have to swallow a huge new account. Those who were unsuccessful now have to do more with less. In both cases, increasing productivity across the entire organization is no longer a nice-to-have, but essential to survival.
  • Insight and analytics are a key focus. It’s not just about monitoring staff; it’s about understanding the details of how the business operates and where there are opportunities for learning and improvement. This becomes even more important when managing across location and ensuring proper resource allocation. Having software that can connect and track across locations, departments, and individual team members is vital for continuous improvement.

  • Billing software can’t be everything to everyone. Many of the providers at the session had been trying to use billing software to gain needed visibility into their operations. But it just simply isn’t designed to track processes, automate workflows, track deadlines, and provide real-time reporting and alerts on works-in-progress. It also fails at being an effective electronic filing cabinet due to limitations on data entry and document retrieval.

The beauty of having a separate document management and business process management tool is that it can become the hub that connects your disparate systems. And if you decide to change billing software, you can easily unplug the current one and plug in the new one without disrupting the entire operations. Plus, using a best-in-breed approach means you don’t need to settle for less when it comes to features and functionality that will truly make your work lives more efficient. For streamlining and standardizing your organization, consider a program that was purpose-built rather than trying to force your billing software to be something it’s not.


Have you ever seen a claim denied due to lack response or missing documentation, even though it was complete and received by the Review Contractor before the deadline? It could be due to a frustrating flaw in the Medicare Program Integrity Manual (PIM) guidelines.

Previously, the deadline for submission was 30 days, with a 15 day grace period. That gave you a 45 day window to submit the necessary documentation. Now, the deadline has been fully extended to that 45 day period, but no grace period has been added. This means that if the RC has received your documentation, but has not yet reviewed it, it will be automatically denied by the system. This is true whether you use fax, mail or esMD. The closer your submission is received to the deadline, the more likely it is that it will be auto-denied.

There is no denial code for auto-denial due to this deadline/grace period issue. The denial you receive will be the same as you would should you actually be missing documentation or had actually missed the deadline.

What next?
After a claim is auto-denied, it remains in the queue of the Review Contractor. Once they are able to review it, they will reopen the claim and either approve/deny based on actual facts – not on a false technicality. However, there is no stated timeline for when an auto-denied claim will be reviewed and given a fair ruling, and there is no notification when something has been reopened.

What can you do?
If you get a denial, but it is clear to you that you’ve followed all of the regulations and have the necessary documentation you have two choices. Unfortunately, neither is very attractive and both require you to do additional work.

  • Prepare and submit your appeal as you normally would for an unjustly denied claim.
  • Wait and follow up in a few weeks to see if the case has been reopened. Due to no designated timeline for the review, you may have to follow up multiple times until you get a straight answer.

Do use paper forms to capture information that then needs to be entered into your system? Do you rely heavily on Excel to analyze disparate information that is critical to running your business? If so, Form Designer could dramatically improve your efficiency. Form Designer is an electronic form creation tool that allows you to design the layout, the type of field, and the information you’d like to collect through simple drag and drop technology.

You can create a data capture form from scratch or match fields to an existing paper form you use. Scan a paper form as a background image and create a template that overlays it, allowing you to print typed data directly onto the sheet. Then, you can easily pre-populate forms that still need to be printed as part of your operations. Adding in a barcode or using our Autofiling templates means that when the forms come back, they will automatically be linked to the appropriate patient files.


Form Designer helps you to:

•  Standardize data capture across your business

•  Defend against missing data through mandatory fields

•  Minimize data capture errors Eliminate duplicate data entry

•  Create custom reports based on more robust data

•  Import 3rd party data and map directly to your database

•  Perform more complex analysis than ever before

•  Reduce cost of paper and managing paper

Whether your forms are nestled inside of your MedFORCE Scan or WorkFLOW or available for third parties to complete on a website, you can design them any way you want to capture necessary information directly into your MedFORCE system.

For more information on Form Designer visit our website and schedule a demo with our team.


Automation for Peace of Mind

As full as your to-do list can be, sometimes the thing that keeps you up at night is wondering what might be missing, what might have slipped through the cracks. Your business is a complicated web of patients, employees, partner providers, locations, departments, payors, data, documents, and deadlines. It’s no easy task to stay on top of it all. But, there is a lot that technology can do to help. On a foundation of content and process management software, one of the most powerful tools to bring peace of mind is automation.


By the name, it’s clear that workflow automation removes manual processes whenever possible. It streamlines work effort and minimizes paper pushing, giving your employees more time to focus on nuanced activities that call for human touch and judgement, such as customer service. But, it also helps to ensure nothing falls off your radar. Each step in the process is clearly outlined and standardized. A task can’t move forward until each activity has been completed. Whatever you or your employees have to do that day is clearly visible in their personalized view. But, you also don’t have to worry about what is not on your immediate to-do list because the software is vigilant on your behalf. Automatic reminders, alerts and escalations keep you, your employees, and your partners on top of deadlines and always ahead of the game.



Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical Supply (FHMS), is part of CHI Franciscan Health, a Catholic Health Initiatives affiliate. With eight different pharmacy locations, one warehouse and a billing department in a separate downtown building, employees spent a significant amount of time on the phone and faxing documents between offices. The organization’s processes were complex, required a lot of manual attention, and were sometimes performed inconsistently. And, in the end, they were hindering the staff’s ability to provide patients with the efficient and timely service that fulfilled CHI Franciscan Health’s mission.


After becoming familiar with MedFORCE’s WorkFLOW business process management solution, FHMS made the decision to rework their operations from top to bottom all at once. WorkFLOW’s comprehensive administrative tools, access rights, and dashboard analytics coupled with its seamless integration with MedFORCE Scan’s electronic document management capabilities gave CHI Franciscan’s leadership the confidence to revolutionize the way FHMS performed its work from day one.


FHMS has been using WorkFLOW for over four years. It has allowed them to shrink the effort associated with back office, logistics and administrative tasks and increase the time, focus, and resources devoted to servicing patients. Time from dispensing to billing has been reduced from days to hours. Responses to patient inquiries are now instantaneous and any representative can provide complete updates based on the information captured within the MedFORCE system. Interactive dashboards and workload visualization enables supervisors to easily keep a finger on the pulse of the operations in real time, and escalations ensure no missed deadlines.


The thing I can’t stress enough is: it gives me peace of mind. When I leave at the end of the day, every patient is accounted for. Every patient that doesn’t have an answer today, we will pick it up where we left off tomorrow morning. They don’t get lost. There is no way we could do the volume of work we do now with the number of people we have without MedFORCE.

– Franciscan Home Medical Supply supervisor, Marilyn Kase


Click here to view a PDF with the full, detailed case study.


In WorkFLOW, escalations keep users and administrators on top of critical tasks. Defined by administrators, escalations are attached to individual activities and based on an elapsed amount of time. You specify the length of time before an escalation is triggered, and you program what you’d like the escalation to do to notify individuals that a task is lagging. With escalations in place, you can be confident that no activity will go overlooked or miss a deadline, keeping your whole team on track.

There are two different types of escalations, both are timeline based:

  • Overdue – When a task is taking longer to complete the expected duration.
  • Idle – When a WorkFLOW task has moved to an activity and languished, without further action for a period of time.

Escalations can perform four different automated actions. You can set any combination of activities, over a predetermined timeline of increasing escalation.

  • Add Assignee –Add the activity to another user’s task list, such as a supervisor, manager or owner of the company.
  • Update Priority –  Reclassify as Low, Medium or High priority, depending on what works best for the given task and timeframe.
  • Flag for Follow Up – Place a flag on the task to be viewed in the WorkFLOW Views, drawing attention to the lagging task.
  • Send an email notification – Alerts can be emailed to the assignee, a supervisor, or any other predetermined email.


An example set of four escalations could look like this:

If you would like a demonstration of our automation tools – for escalations or otherwise – call our solutions consultants at [845] 426-0459 x1 or sign up here for a demo.

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