ZipMit Overview

Medforce ZipMit ends the audit headache by allowing you to electronically submit Medicare-related documentation for audits, prior authorizations, appeals and other healthcare document submissions.
With ZipMit, a CMS document management tool, you have a direct portal to transmit your documents to review contractors swiftly and safely from your desk.
You can deliver necessary documentation for CMS audits, additional documentation requests (ADR), PMD prior authorization, advanced determination of medical coverage (ADMC), Home Health Pre-Claim Reviews, and first level appeals.

You receive confirmation of receipt and a transaction ID that serves as your proof of submission, as well as the following significant benefits:

• Faster payments
• Reduce denials due to timely filing
• Track status instantly, any time of day
• Submit Home Health Pre-Claim Review documentation
• Get PMD Prior Auth results right on screen
• End worry over missing or incomplete documentation
• Save time and money
• Fully HIPAA compliant

Watch a brief overview video of our Electronic submittal portal or learn more on the ZipMit product page.


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