White Paper: Faxing, a Healthcare Disaster

10 Ways Faxing is Holding Back Your Business
Faxing is one of the most common forms of communication in healthcare, and also the area that is often most rife with inefficiencies and manual processes. Because of its perceived security, faxing endures in the healthcare industry even though many other industries consider it antiquated technology. The vast majority of healthcare companies use faxing to send and receive critical documentation on a daily basis.

But, a long time has passed since there has been an advancement in faxing technology. The introduction of fax servers and electronic faxing certainly was a big step forward, but progress has stagnated since.

We think faxing is here to stay and we want to help you do a better job at it. The first step to making a change is identifying the challenges that faxing presents in building an efficient organization and highlighting opportunities for improvement.

This white paper outlines the Top 10 Ways Faxing is Holding Back Your Business. It will shed light on the hidden areas of lost productivity and potential risk in your healthcare business.

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