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Improving Data Sharing Between Acute and Post-Acute providers

Medforce proudly joins interoperability initiative

May 12, 2017

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Medforce is participating in a pilot program that will help acute and post-acute providers improve documentation sharing and interoperability.

Currently, faxing is the primary mode of communication that Hospitals and Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Home Health Agencies (HHA), and Laboratory Testing (Lab) Providers. This heavily paper-based communication slows down the speed of operations and hinders top-notch patient care.

Spearheaded by Nathan Apter, Medforce’s CTO, we are participating in a program to build secure, digital communication channels that will facilitate the sharing of documentation.

There are three initial use cases:

  1. Order – when a patient is being discharged, the hospital can send documentation direct to the DME/HHA/Lab. The entities can then communicate back and forth.
  2. Documentation Request – if the DME/HHA/Lab needs more documentation from the hospital, they can request it through the portal and receive it through the portal.
  3. Signature Request – when a physician signature is required, it can be requested and received through the portal

Our goal statement as captured on the website: Our goal is to facilitate the efficiency, security, and effectiveness of documentation transmission between hospitals and DME/HHA/Lab providers. With the three use cases already identified (order, documentation request, signature request) as well as others that may be uncovered, we strive to develop technologies that will help healthcare providers streamline their processes, reduce costs and improve patient care.

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