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Keep truly paperless with the right e-Signature tool

March 09, 2017

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Most healthcare organizations think they are paperless, but spend hours of time and reams of paper printing out documents for signature.

Signature is required for compliance in patient care, billing, and audits that are vital to the successful operation of your healthcare business. But collecting those signatures can be complicated.  

Approval, authorization, and acknowledgement is often required multiple times and at many levels – from patients, clinicians and administrators. And if one element is off – say, a missing DOB – you have to start the process all over again or risk denial. If these documents exist in your system electronically, you are adding to the chaos by having to print them out, maintain version control, track manually and manage it all with paper.

In healthcare, a signature is more than just obtaining a John Hancock. There are processes and protocol before and after signature capture that have to be followed precisely.  Your E-Signature tool shouldn’t be disjointed with the digital systems you already have in place.

That’s why we developed SignCenter – the only electronic signature tool built for healthcare organizations by a healthcare technology company.  It was designed to help you manage the entire signature lifecycle.

If you keep electronic records, why are you still using paper for signatures? 


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