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This is why eFax Solutions Save You Time and Effort

March 07, 2017

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EFax solutions make managing your incoming and outgoing faxes convenient, friendly, personalized, secure and effective. They help everyone in the office stay organized and work together effectively. When eFax solutions are in place, both your company and your employees win -- resulting in better results and increased customer satisfaction.

Transactions in healthcare abound: According to Medicare, payments to DME providers alone exceeded $6 million in recent years. That's a lot of O2 concentrators, wound vacs and semi-electric hospital beds -- but even more paperwork.

Keeping all of this paperwork manageable and coordinated is important to your business, your employees and the people you serve. Much of it is being sent back and forth through faxes. If you're still using paper or out-of-date non-customizable eFax server to get this job done in 2017, then your office is working much harder than it has to. And this can lead to mistakes, employee and customer dissatisfaction and ultimately affect your bottom line.

Think your company is already running efficiently on old technology? According to Forbes, a leading business journal, as of the end of 2016, 47% of accounts payable employees said that manual processes were their biggest challenge. This is just one of your departments. Let's look at how eFax solutions address that.

The Benefits of eFax Solutions

  1. Keep documents electronic from intake to completed task and everywhere beyond. Documents arrive on a server, where the can be manually or automatically distributed out to various people, departments or teams. There, they can be addressed as necessary and filed appropriately without ever touching a piece of paper.
  2. Re-route with ease. If a document ended up on the wrong server or "desk", it can be seamlessly re-routed to the correct person. If the power fails, faxes should be able to queue up and come through when it’s restored. Routing in most situations becomes simple and automated.
  3. Manage employee leave without the headaches. Because documents are on a server and not individual computers -- or worse someone's desk -- if someone is out unexpectedly, your company doesn't miss a beat.
  4. Stay compliant. When you're dealing with PHI, you have to always keep HIPAA in mind. Because documents can remain electronic through the entire process, you don't have to worry about the physical mishandling, storing or destroying of physical documents.
  5. Send outgoing with ease. Outgoing faxes are just as easy. If, for example, you need to fax a PO to a company, someone simply fills out your PO on the computer, enters the number where it is to be faxes and hits send. Cover letters can be pre-populated with information already contained within your system. No waiting, no printing, no scanning. It's fast.
  6. Eliminate repetitive and "no-brainer" tasks. EFax solutions helps your people work more efficiently. It automates those tedious tasks that must be done by a trained and trusted person to assure they're done right, so that your trained and trusted people can focus on higher level tasks and better uses of their time.
  7. Improve employee satisfaction. Your employees are your greatest asset. You want them to feel like they work in a place that values their time. Having electronic systems in place that reduce hassle - eliminating the need to swing by the fax machine to check if something has come in - and make their jobs easier is the way to do this. Ask them. You will always have some naysayers, but ultimately, this is kind of 2020 level technology that employees want.
  8. Utilize analytics to improve workflow. You'll have access to state of the art analytics that help you understand where gaps or delays may exist so that they can be addressed. You're no longer in a position to make assumptions. You'll have clear data to back you up.

It's easy to see how eFax solutions save your staff time and effort. Since every second of saved time is more time you can spend meeting customer needs and maintaining a viable business model for your company, it makes sense to embrace this avenue toward increased efficiency.




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