CommandCenter Overview

Medforce CommandCenter empowers you to build the most efficient organization possible. Our business process management (BPM) tools enable you to easily perform work based on strategic priority and automated work distribution, returning more dollars for your effort. 

You will see the advantages of business process management, and learn about the CommandCenter’s features that will allow you to easily perform work based on strategic priority, returning more dollars for your effort.

Our platform enables you to map, monitor, and optimize how you operate your business.

• Works in all departments
• Automatic task creation
• Alerts and escalations
• Customizable views
• Comprehensive access rights tools
• Automated work assignment
• Identify and eliminate bottlenecks
• Enable collaboration across departments and locations
• Customizable forms and fields for unique data capture
• Integrates with all Medforce applications
• Can link with and store documents in ContentCenter

Watch our brief overview video or learn more on the CommandCenter product page.


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