The Medforce Advantage

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Medforce provides productivity-enhancing software and services to help healthcare organizations adapt quickly to change and do more with less.

Your goals are our goals

You are experts in your business. We are experts in using technology to improve productivity. Together, we make a great team.

We build our products to be flexible and responsive to adapt to the way you do business. We always start with understanding what your business goals are, and we find a solution that gives you the visibility you need to manage processes and maximize speed, efficiency, and productivity.

We don’t just solve the problems of today; we anticipate the solutions you need for the future.

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The Medforce Advantage
The Medforce Advantage

Your entire business benefits

Medforce is unique in the healthcare document and process management industry because our clients use our software in all areas of their business from intake to reimbursement, AP, HR, mailroom, warehouse and beyond. We integrate with most business applications. You can use our software as a hub that can flex to the needs of one department or many.

Improving the bottom line doesn’t only happen in handling claims. With Medforce, every department has the opportunity to work smarter and leaner for the benefit of the entire organization.

Software and Service

The only thing we are more proud of than our products is our people. With the highest levels of integrity and unparalleled responsiveness, we pledge to be with you every step of the way.

From implementation and training to ongoing support to expanding your system as you grow, we will guide you through each step to improve efficiency and maximize productivity.

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The Medforce Advantage

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