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Medforce Technologies, Inc. provides productivity-enhancing software and services to help healthcare organizations adapt quickly to change and do more with less. Our flexible and highly-customizable document and process management products work in all departments including intake, claims and reimbursement, mailroom, AP and HR, and assist in daily decision making based on real time information and strategic priority.

About Medforce

We serve clients across all sectors of healthcare and work with organizations of all sizes.  Our breadth and depth of experience across a wide variety of healthcare companies has given us unique insight and an ability to build products that directly address the barriers to operational efficiency and maximize productivity. We are also skilled at helping with the change management and cultural shift that goes along with improving processes, becoming lean and aligning all aspects of your business with your strategic goals.

Still, we never lose sight of the individuality of each company we work with, and our first step is always to gain a thorough understanding of your specific goals to ensure the implementation of our products and services will deliver the ROI you seek. We offer products that easily accommodate the unique characteristics of your business, conform to the way you prefer to work, and empower you to be your very best.  

Our software was originally developed for internal use, to address big gaps in existing healthcare document and process management technologies. It was only at the behest of providers who got a peek at what we had built that we packaged our applications to sell externally. We use our own products every day in nurturing customer relationships, managing software development, and staying on top of general operational activities. This gives us a unique advantage of having detailed, practical insight into the effectiveness of the software and perfecting the user experience.

About Medforce

We offer the industry’s most feature-rich productivity solutions that conform to your preferred way of operating and return more time and money to fuel your mission.

Our History


Ideagen completes acquisition of Medforce Technologies Inc. Medforce is Ideagen’s 13th acquisition in just over a decade and means the company now has a major operational presence in the US, UK, Asia and Central Europe.


SignCenter, a HIPAA-compliant, web-based electronic signature and data capture tool built specifically for healthcare is introduced. SignCenter addresses the industry’s unique security and complex information capture needs, and was built to seamlessly integrate with your current business applications. It can also stand alone or integrate with 3rd party systems.


Medforce introduces the Work Distribution Add-on which enhances CommandCenter’s efficiency by automating workflow assignments. Work can be distributed to users or groups and assignment is programmed by rules on your data. Make your office more efficient using structured distribution of work, confirm everyone’s queues are of manageable length, and streamline individual employees’ work schedule.


Medforce updates its brand, including renaming several products to better align with the business strategy and emphasize the integrated nature of the suite of solutions. Medforce Software version 11.0.0 is launched.


Medforce Apps launched offering turnkey, single workflow solutions to common challenges


Fax Service and the electronic document Filing Service are launched


CMS certifies Medforce as a Health Information Handler (HIH) and our ZipMit esMD product is born.


Medforce moves to the web with the addition of the browser-based Web App (then called Web Client) enabling registered users to access vital information from any internet-connected device.


Building upon decades of process management expertise, CommandCenter is born, as WorkFLOW, offering responsive business process management (BPM) tools to healthcare providers of all sizes.


Medforce launches a cloud/SaaS option for their suite of products, allowing clients to choose whether they would like to store their data in the cloud or on their servers.


FormsCenter, then called Form Designer, was launched allowing users to create custom data capture and improve collaboration.


RemitCenter, then called D&R Manager, with its ability to import and manage ERNs and EOMBs, is added to the system. Two years later, it is enhanced and launched as a standalone product.


After several HMS customers recognize the power of the proprietary software to address the unique needs of the healthcare industry, they ask if they can license it for themselves. Medforce Technologies, Inc. is launched with the first version of ContentCenter, then called Medforce Scan. The original Medforce Scan was the leader in the paperless revolution for medical providers.


Dissatisfied with the paperless office solutions on the market, Esther designs and develops her own for internal use only within HMS.


CEO Esther Apter founded Healthcare Management Solutions, Inc. (HMS) a medical billing service.


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