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Document Distribution

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Paperwork – physical or digital – is the lifeblood of the healthcare industry. Stay on top of all incoming documentation and guarantee it’s worked in a timely  manner with Medforce’s Document Distribution App.

Without proper documentation, organizations are at risk of being out of compliance and having lost or delayed revenue. However, the labor effort surrounding document processes can greatly impact your bottom line, whether it’s the constant monitoring, chasing down needed data, or having to replace missing files. 

Medforce’s Document Distribution App helps alleviate the unnecessary burden of staying on top of incoming documentation. Whether scanned or imported into the system, incoming documents are monitored and assigned, while an alert is sent out to notify the employee that new work has arrived. No more needless checking in to see if work has arrived. No more documents waiting to be filed, putting deadlines in jeopardy.

Management gains visibility into where the documents are in the pipeline, how many batches individual employees are working, and a deeper understanding of employee productivity. 

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Highlights Include:

  • Automatically assign documents to be worked
  • Keep a record of all incoming documentation
  • Track the ongoing status of documents
  • Guard against human error and lost documents
  • Use escalations and alerts to ensure timeliness
  • Easily reassign work to cover employee absence
  • Fully HIPAA compliant

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