We play well with others

Efficient businesses run on technology. We get it. That is why building integrations to ensure interoperability with your critical business applications is one of our highest priorities.

An Integrated Solution

At Medforce, our interoperability philosophy is guided by the idea that provider care is just as vital as patient care. We believe if providers are more successful and more profitable, you will, in turn, deliver even better patient care. Data sharing and streamlining operations plays a huge role in this. 

Integrations allow you to build a best-of-breed solution where you choose each application that fits best with your mission, instead of being stuck with a one-size-fits-all solution that has subpar components. Furthermore, Medforce can act as a hub, bringing together disparate programs through a centralized resource for workflow management and permanent data storage.

We follow an open architecture approach. We believe providers should choose the mix of software systems they use within their internal health organizations and ensure efficient communication with third parties, including referral partners and payers. We support API, inbound and outbound HL7, X12, CONNECT document submission and ODBC connections.

We were one of the original CMS certified Health Information Handlers (HIH) and support esMD as a more efficient way to submit CMS documentation than paper based methods. We are currently involved in several industry interoperability initiatives including EMDI (coordinated by CMS) and The Innovation Messaging Group Taskforce.

We are constantly adding new integrations with other software developers. To see the ever-growing list of our business partners, visit our Partners page.


External Link Tool

In addition to automated data feeds, we have a tool that allows you to link directly from third party applications to associated documents within your Medforce ContentCenter.

The External Link Tool (ELT) requires no programming effort from Medforce or the business application. You quickly follow the guided instructions to configure a button that sits on the application and provides one-click access to associated documents.

For legacy systems which might not allow for the button link, hot-keys can be configured to allow for the same programming free integration.

We can help

Our Tech Support team would be happy to help walk you through how to set up the ELT or hot-keys.


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