Medforce Apps

Focused Solutions to Common Challenges

Our decades of experience in the healthcare industry have given us perspective on some universal barriers to maximizing productivity. In response, we have developed several turnkey solutions that address common areas of inefficiency. We call them Medforce Apps and they are focused workflows designed to solve specific problems.

Medforce Apps can be purchased and used with or without a full version CommandCenter. Pricing depends on users and any additional customization your company may need.

Referral Management

If you rely heavily on referrals to fuel your business, you know that timely response is essential to success. Whether you receive referrals through fax, email or an online web form, the Referral Management App can trigger an automatic workflow that immediately notifies appropriate staff and sets up alerts and escalations to make sure the response is fast and complete.


Fax Management

Email programs just weren’t designed to provide the level of fax oversight you need to keep your business running efficiently. Stop worrying about whether faxes are routed appropriately and worked in a timely manner. The Fax Management App gives you visibility, insight and control to make sure the work is completed fully and on time. It can be used with any third party or on-premises electronic fax solution.


Vendor Invoice Management

Effectively managing accounts payable across multiple locations can take you beyond the limits of your accounting software. Our Vendor Invoice Management App gives you a centralized resource for invoice approval and tracking, providing you the tools you need to manage purchase orders and analyze spending by vendor or by location.


Overpayment & Refund Management

The handling overpayments and refunds can be cumbersome to manage. From confirming or appealing demand letters to verifying appropriate recoupment and properly coding in your billing system – all on tight deadlines – it can be a drain on time and resources that would otherwise be spent serving your customers. The Overpayments Management App automates the process ensuring timeliness and accuracy. We minimize the chance of human error and ensure you retain every dollar you have earned.


Accounts Receivable Management

Stop managing your outstanding claims and denials in disparate, messy and immediately out-of-date spreadsheets. Manual work creates opportunity for error, missed deadlines, suboptimal employee performance, and lost revenue. Automate your AR process and get a real-time view with Medforce’s Accounts Receivable Management App.  Automatically import your AR from your billing system and gain unprecedented perspective. Reduce your denial rate and improve your cash flow through smarter work assignment, centralized record keeping, and improved collaboration. You can easily stay on top of what’s coming it, who is working what, know at a glance what’s been done and what is outstanding, and get alerts if a claim is in danger of falling through the cracks. Improve visibility, control and your bottom line. 


Procurement Approval

Cost containment is a top mandate for all healthcare organizations. Proper planning, documentation and approvals are essential to ensuring budgets stay in line, but can be time intensive, slowing down your ability to provide the best experience to your patients. This App helps healthcare procurement organizations navigate the complex web of ensuring all purchase requests are reviewed and approved in a timely manner. Automatically route requests to the appropriate person with associated documentation attached, never lose track of pending requests, and ensure the proper checks and balances for budgetary approval and overrides. Gain insight into the pipeline of approvals to improve the process and ensure your teams get what they need when they need it.


Document Distribution

When you have multiple locations and multiple formats for incoming documents (both electronic and paper), getting important information into the right employee’s hands in a timely manner can be difficult to manage. The Document Distribution app allocates incoming documentation to available resources, and can integrate with any document management program. You gain controls and insight to track progress, reassign work as needed, ensure timeliness and guarantee nothing falls through the cracks.



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