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Overpayment & Refund Management

Automation for visibility and accuracy

Overpayments and refunds can be cumbersome to manage, and they have a direct effect on your bottom line. Use Medforce’s turnkey Overpayment and Refund Management App to automate the process and ensure you retain every dollar you have earned. 

Overpayments are a fact of doing business – there are many reasons out of your control that can necessitate refunds. It costs even more money in labor to handle the demands, further depleting your margins. But not tracking can have serious consequences on your organization’s financial management.

The Medforce Overpayment and Refund Management App automates the tracking process to minimize effort, improve visibility, and ensure accuracy. When demand letters are received, a workflow task is automatically generated and a tracking form record is created for each overpayment. As ERNs arrive with recoupments withheld, the App automatically updates. Payer errors or miscalculations are easily identified and you stay on top of the real-time status of liabilities.

The Overpayment and Refund Management App minimizes labor costs associated with tracking overpayments while improving overall visibility into outstanding amounts. The App can be used on its own, or bundled with other Medforce products for added efficiency. 

Highlights include:

  • Streamlines the tracking of overpayments
  • Provides oversight and reporting
  • Uses automation to minimize effort and opportunity for error
  • Provides escalations and alerts to keep you ahead of deadlines
  • Easily track data and documentation from one spot
  • Saves time and money

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