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Procurement Approval

Automate purchasing processes

Healthcare companies have to maintain strict purchasing standards to ensure compliance and keep costs down. The Procurement Approval App streamlines and automates the purchase approval process to ease proper protocol. 

Managing multiple vendors, complex approval processes, and tight deadlines creates a heavy burden on purchasing departments. With the Procurement Approval App, requisitions are easily managed and automated.

You decide what your purchase approval process should be and the system maintains it for you. For example: At what threshold are additional quotes or information needed? Do approvals go to one person, several in sequence or to a committee? What are the criteria for which approvals need to be routed?

By managing your approval process in a turnkey workflow, you free up the mental overhead of remembering who to send what and when, and you eliminate the need for constant follow up. Routing of decisions is automated and alerts and escalations keep you on track. All documentation is tracked centrally for easy and complete access.

Relieve the purchasing headache with the Procurement Approval App. 

Highlights include:

  • Streamlines the tracking of purchase approvals
  • Automatically routes documentation to the right people
  • Access rights improve security
  • Escalations and alerts keep timelines moving
  • Easy to track data and documentation from one spot
  • Saves time and money

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