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Accounts Receivable Management

Take Control of Your Claims and Denials

Most companies lack the visibility and tools they need to effectively manage Accounts Receivable. Billing systems weren’t built to manage the specifics and often obscure issues until it is too late. Automate your processes and enable smarter work assignment, reduce denial rates, and improve cash flow.

Spreadsheets are out of date the moment they are generated and work lists do not provide the AR detail needed to be fully effective. Medforce’s Accounts Receivable Management App works alongside your billing software in real time to automatically assign and track work, centralize record keeping, increase accuracy, and improve productivity.

Outstanding invoices and ERNs are automatically imported to establish unprecedented insight into your AR pipeline. Work distribution is achieved based on rules and priority you set, making sure items are routed to the best-skilled employee at the right time. Alerts keep you on track and ahead of deadlines.

Managers get the visibility and control they need, and employees get the clarity and ease they need. With the AR Management App you can quickly turn your AR Department into the profit center it should be.

To download a product overview (PDF) click here. 

Highlights include:

  • Import invoices and ERNs automatically
  • Use complex logic to distribute work automatically
  • Streamline hand-offs and improve collaboration
  • Stay on track with alerts and escalations
  • Instill accountability
  • Free up managerial time and focus
  • Maximize revenue captured

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