How to Create an Efficient Fax Management Process

Learn how to identify common inefficiencies in fax handling, why eFaxing alone is not sufficient for proper fax oversight, and how your current fax procedures could be a danger to compliance.

In this presentation, we cover the top ways faxing is holding back your business and new ways to create a streamlined, consistent fax management process.
We’ll also have a brief demonstration of the Medforce’s Fax Management App.  Our Fax Management App gives you visibility, insight and control to make sure the work is completed fully and on time. Incoming faxes go straight into Medforce and trigger workflow task creation, giving you unprecedented control over fax handling.

The Medforce Fax Management App can be used with any third-party cloud based or on-prem electronic fax solution and it’s a fully compliant HIPAA Fax Management App.

Key learning points:

• Identify common inefficiencies in fax handling
• Understand how common fax practices are undermining the productivity of your business
• Outline why eFaxing/email is not sufficient for proper fax oversight
• Learn new ways to create a streamlined, consistent fax management process
• Demonstrate the Medforce Fax Management App

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