5 Ways E-Signature is Invaluable in Healthcare

In healthcare, prompt signatures are important for compliance in patient care, billing, audits, and general operations. Obtaining signatures on documentation is complicated and repetitive. Many offices that claim to have “gone paperless”, still realize they are printing out forms and faxing documentation for approval and authorization, jeopardizing workflows and causing inefficiencies. A lot of healthcare operations are still using electronic signature programs that were not built for the unique challenges of healthcare.

Since the full signature lifecycle doesn’t just start with sending out of a document to be signed, moving to electronic signature software built specifically for Healthcare is the obvious solution to stop chasing paper and improve efficiency. 

e-signature SignCenter

In this white paper, we discuss the reasons why e-Signature is different for Healthcare industry and the challenges of gathering signatures in operational processes and layered workflows. We outline the benefits of having a signature capture program that maintains digital continuity and helps you manage the entire signature lifecycle. 

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