7 Essential Tools to Ease Compliance in Home Health

Home Health agencies provide critical services that are medically effective for patient health, emotionally effective for patient wellbeing, and ultimately fiscally effective for the overall cost burden on the healthcare system.  Studies have proven this time and time again. Yet Home Health agencies (HHAs) are also a focus of mounting investigation from CMS and state governments for potential fraud.

Compliance Checklist

The scrutiny on compliance results in intensifying regulations and additional documentation burdens. This leads to greater work effort required to deliver the same services and higher labor costs that reduce margins and jeopardize the viability of HHAs. It can become a downward spiral that has negative impact on regulators, providers, and patients. 

When it comes to compliance in home health, accuracy, consistency, and security are essential.  But increasing demands and strained resources can sometimes make it hard to keep up. Technology is essential to help home health providers do more with less. The right tools enable best practices, improve accuracy, strengthen cash flow, and assure compliance.

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