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Tips & Tricks: Associating Two Documents in the Auto-filing Results Screen

September 18, 2015

Category: Tips & Tricks

While we’re already talking about short cuts in the Auto-Filing Results screen, there is another neat feature to share. When Auto-Filling, from the Auto File Results screen you can now file documents that are unsuccessful without leaving the screen.

If you have one or several documents that were unsuccessful in auto-filing, but are destined for the same file and bin as a successful one, you can quickly get them all assigned/destined to their proper files. It’s a one-click fix!

As long as the unsuccessful document needs the same classification and destination as a successful document, you simply associate the unsuccessful documents with the successful one. They will all file together.

Grab the unsuccessful document by clicking and holding it, and drag it up and drop it onto the successful document. Now the fields for the formerly-unsuccessful document will auto-populate with the data from the successful one. The documents won’t be stapled together, but they will be filed together. It’s just that simple!




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