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Tips & Tricks: Automation of Escalations

June 10, 2015

Category: Tips & Tricks

In WorkFLOW (now known as CommandCenter), escalations keep users and administrators on top of critical tasks. Defined by administrators, escalations are attached to individual activities and based on an elapsed amount of time. You specify the length of time before an escalation is triggered, and you program what you’d like the escalation to do to notify individuals that a task is lagging. With escalations in place, you can be confident that no activity will go overlooked or miss a deadline, keeping your whole team on track.

There are two different types of escalations, both are timeline based:

  • Overdue – When a task is taking longer to complete the expected duration.
  • Idle – When a WorkFLOW task has moved to an activity and languished, without further action for a period of time.

Escalations can perform four different automated actions. You can set any combination of activities, over a predetermined timeline of increasing escalation.

  • Add Assignee –Add the activity to another user’s task list, such as a supervisor, manager or owner of the company.
  • Update Priority –  Reclassify as Low, Medium or High priority, depending on what works best for the given task and timeframe.
  • Flag for Follow Up – Place a flag on the task to be viewed in the WorkFLOW Views, drawing attention to the lagging task.
  • Send an email notification – Alerts can be emailed to the assignee, a supervisor, or any other predetermined email.

An example set of four escalations could look like this: 

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