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Tips & Tricks: Color Coding

October 01, 2015

Category: Tips & Tricks


Did you know you can use color to help make filing and retrieving documents much easier? Bins, patient/vendor types and even individual patients or vendors can be color coded for easy grouping and detection.


Some clients like to color code their bins to make it easier when indexing or retrieving documents. Linked cabinet bins are always Red and visible at the bottom of your bin structure, but the color of static cabinet bins can be modified to match and facilitate your company’s individual filing preferences. This can help you move a lot faster if instead of having to read every bin, you can simply identify it by color.

For example, you can have all of your Medical Documents bins be green and Billing and Intake could be magenta. This ability to know where to point your mouse without having to comprehend words can shave seconds off of every transaction, cumulatively saving you hours over the course of a month.

To change the color of a bin:

  • Click on Administrative Tools
  • Select Administrative Settings > Administrative Settings
  • Click on the Bins tab (the second one from the top)
  • Highlight the bin you want to color code by clicking on it
  • In the bottom right of the dialogue box, use the drop down menu to Select Bin Color
  • Click “Ok” to confirm changes



Sometimes you want to highlight a specific patient/vendor or a type of patient/vendor to make them stand out in the search window. For example, if your business revolves requires different documentation for pediatric patients, you might want to color code patients by ranges for date of birth. You can also use this field to highlight a specific patient who requires specific documentation.

The variables by which a file can be color coded is quite robust, and the color changes can be dynamic responding to changes in a file. You choose the fields, the criteria and the conditions that dictate color outcome.

To change the color of a patient type:

  • Click on Administrative Tools
  • Select Administrative Settings > Administrative Settings
  • Click on “Patient Files Color” (second to last tab)
  • Set up your criteria
  • Click “Apply” to confirm your color coding for that criteria
  • You can either select another color to assign meaning or you can click “Ok” to close out of Administrative settings

To change the color of a specific patient:

Follow the same steps as above, and then for the criteria, select Name and type in the patient’s name in “value”

Note: If you have a patient who qualifies for two different color-coding criteria, which ever criteria was created first will be the color that is applied to that patient name in the search field




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