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Medforce CTO Nathan Apter quoted on software interoperability

August 01, 2017

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Our CTO, Nathan Apter, is quoted in an article about the changing trends of interoperability in the post-actue sector. The author also provided an outline of Medforce's interoperability iniatives. Read excerpts below and read more about interoperability at Medforce by clicking here

Excerpts from "Software Interoperability's Inroads in HME" by Joseph Duffy published in the August 2017 edition of HME Business:

Healthcare interoperability — the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data and use the information that has been exchanged — has been a general healthcare practice for many years.

According to Nathan Apter, CTO of Medforce Technologies, interoperability is moving from being a trendy buzz word to being part of the everyday lexicon of HME providers.

“The idea of software integration is not new,” he says. “But things are changing in two big ways: One is that the baseline level of expectation from HME providers about how their data comes into and moves throughout their organization has risen. Providers are better informed, and this pushes software developers to keep up and continue to create tools that are flexible and can adapt to meet evolving needs. The second way is that talks of interoperability have expanded to be about data transfer and secure sharing of information across healthcare sectors and across players. It is no longer just about the sharing of data between two HME software applications — it’s about creating an entire ecosystem of secure data transfer that is streamlined, automated, and improving the productivity of every entity involved. This includes acute to post-acute, provider to payer, payer to provider — everyone.”


The experts interviewed for this article all represent HME software companies that tout interoperability solutions. Here they describe how their software is helping the HME industry reap the benefits of a well-connected healthcare IT infrastructure.

  • Medforce follows an open architecture philosophy, believing that providers should choose the mix of software systems they use within their internal health organizations and ensure efficient communication with third parties, including referral partners and payers.
  • The software can import and export many datatypes and work with HL7, X12, and CONNECT document submission.
  • Medforce was one of the first CMS-certified Health Information Handlers (HIH) and has its own esMD program that allows for electronic transfer of documentation to CMS RACs for ADRs and Prior Auth requests.
  • Medforce is involved in several interoperability initiatives, including an initiative with CMS called EMDI: EMDI – Medforce and
  • The Innovation Messaging Group Taskforce, which will be working with direct messaging to share data between HME providers, payers, and healthcare providers, as well as provide digital signing of documentation.


Read more about interoperability at Medforce by clicking here




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