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Tips & Tricks: Editing the Template from the Auto-filing Results Screen

September 16, 2015

Category: Tips & Tricks

Once you’ve run your auto-filing tool on your saved scanned batch, you may notice a few documents that were unsuccessful at being auto-filed. In most cases, these are handwritten forms that cannot be properly scanned by our OCR tools. Sometimes, however, there is a case where a document didn’t auto-file because the classification template is slightly off. There is a quick and easy way to update the template right within the results screen, instantly improving your auto-filing rate.

This short cut allows you to edit the Classification Template so documents will classify that currently were not classifying.

  • Select the document that does not classify from the list
  • Select Classification template for under the Classify Template name
  • Once a Classification Template is displaying you can right click to adjust the template.
  • You can choose to Edit the template with the original image that was used to create the template or edit template with current image that is displaying in the Auto File Results display screen.




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