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Announcing our new EVV Solution for Home Health

February 09, 2017

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Home Health organizations have been under scrutiny for compliance and fraud, especially around PCA visits, and now face heavy regulations as a result. These new regulations add a lot of time and headache, reducing the productivity and profitability of Home Health Care Providers.

In addition to our solutions for pre-claim review, Medforce has developed a 3-part, modular solution to address the labor-intensive burden of managing mandated electronic visit verification (EVV) systems. Use automation and management-determined logic to expedite payroll preparation, ensure your accounting is always up-to-date, and ease the working and tracking of related Medicaid claims and denials.

  • Ease labor costs associated with managing EVV programs
  • Improve payroll accuracy
  • Integrate data from multiple sources into a centralized resource
  • Reduce denial rates through real-time claims tracking
  • Gain real-time visibility
  • Expedite reconciliation

The three parts of the Home Health EVV Solution can be used standalone or bundled together, and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

EVV Payroll Preparation

Dramatically reduce the time spent reviewing, sorting and handling time sheet data for payroll entry. Medforce can automatically extract the EVV data and calculate payroll based on business rules you set – including overtime and regional differences. The solution generates a report for your quick review and adjustment and generates an automated upload to your payroll system when you’re ready

EVV Accounting Data Reporting

Keep track of exact outstanding Accounts Receivable and ease the reconciliation between claims submitted and amounts paid with our EVV reporting tool. Medforce will extract claim information from your EVV system while automatically importing your matching ERN data. A report is generated based on a specific timeframe and can be pushed into your accounting software to keep outstanding balances up-to-date. The report can be generated on demand or set to run on a scheduled basis.

EVV Accounts Receivable Management

Stop managing your outstanding claims and denials in disparate, messy and immediately out-of-date spreadsheets. Work Medicaid claims and denials quickly and effectively using automated tools to monitor, assign and track outstanding balances. This solution extracts Medicaid claim data from your EVV system into Medforce and creates a workflow task for easy tracking claims. Reduce your denial rate and improve your cash flow through smarter work assignment, centralized record keeping, and improved collaboration. 


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