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New! ERN Claim Adjustment Report

August 09, 2017

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New Report Assists with CR 9968 Adjustments

There are some important 21st Century Cures Act updates for HME providers that may affect you. We have developed a new RemitCenter report to help you navigate the changes.

DME MACs will be making adjustments to fee amounts for certain items furnished on or after January 1, 2016 in areas that are not competitive bid areas in response to Change Request (CR) 9968. Claim dates of service are July 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016 and mass adjustments are being conducted to correct claim payment. (Believe it or not, this adjustment is an increase in payment!)

To help our customers manage these adjustments, we have created a new RemitCenter report called the ERN Claim Adjustment Report.

This report will list all claims with this type of adjustment, reporting the previous payment, new payment, and the adjustment amount. The DME MACs will use the RARC code N689 to identify claims receiving the adjustment. We created this new report to reflect the adjustment codes on the claim and not individual items, as other reports do.

This report will help you identify which claims will be affected by this change (CR 9968).

How to Get the Report

Depending on the configuration of your Medforce system, installation will vary. To streamline the activation process, please contact Tech Support by generating a support ticket through our support page. We will contact you to either confirm completion or schedule a time for installation.

Once it is turned on for you, the ERN Claim Adjustment Report will appear under the Custom Reports menu.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Tech Support.




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