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Tips & Tricks: Improve Auto-filing with multiple identifying zones

January 21, 2016

Category: Tips & Tricks

Did you know you can achieve even higher auto-filing results through by adding identification zones to your templates? When you have multiple ways for the OCR technology to identify your documents, if the first one fails, you have backup opportunities to get it right.


Our auto-filing templates are more sophisticated than they have ever been. Now, you have the ability to give the auto-filing tool several zones to look at. If the first one doesn’t work, then it will try another. You can even have the program try combinations of fields – such as first name and date of birth – to create unique identifying information.  With these added opportunities, you will see a much higher success rate.

When you use only one reading zone, this could be what your results screen may look like

When you use more than one piece of information to identify the file, you can improve your success rate a great deal. 

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