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Medforce at Medtrade - The “Desperate Need” to Obtain Signatures and More

September 18, 2017

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ATLANTA –Medforce Technologies Inc (Booth #1545 at Medtrade) has a long history of finding solutions for HME providers. At this year’s Medtrade, scheduled for Oct 23-25, 2017, the New York-based software company is once again helping providers find ways to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. 

Medtrade Monday sat down with Nathan Apter, chief technology officer, Medforce Technologies Inc, Suffern, NY, to get an idea of the challenges faced by providers, and to determine what Medtrade attendees can expect to find at the Medforce booth during this year’s show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. 

Medtrade Monday: Why did Medforce develop SignCenter
Nathan Apter: SignCenter was developed to address a desperate need in the modern healthcare company: obtaining signatures from a wide variety of individuals inside and outside of the organization such as: physicians; clinicians; drivers; and patients—in the office or at the home and across a wide variety of settings—without resorting to printing and faxing documents in an otherwise paperless office. With the ability to stand alone, integrate with your most used business applications, or be bundled with Medforce’s suite of productivity solutions, SignCenter puts providers in control of the entire process from data consolidation and form creation to routing, capture, post processing, storage, and retrieval.

Medtrade Monday: Why is SignCenter so crucial to operations? 
Apter: Signature capture in healthcare involves high volume, highly detailed forms, and complex workflows. The process is fragmented, costly, and every step can lead to mistakes which lead to delays and denials. SignCenter’s focus on the entire signature lifecycle reduces or eliminates errors, encourages deadline adherence, and lowers costs.

Medtrade Monday: What sets SignCenter apart from other E-Signature tools? 
Apter: SignCenter is built from the ground up to address particular and varying requirements of the healthcare industry. The volume of paperwork in healthcare is higher than any other industry. When you take into consideration the unique needs of healthcare organizations, you realize that tools that simply permit you to sign something remotely are not enough for most healthcare companies. You need a tool that considers the entire signature lifecycle; something that allows you to be truly, 100% paperless and streamlined. 

SignCenter is way more than simple e-signature. It helps you manage and monitor the entire signature lifecycle. From gathering data, creating or populating forms, to tracking files, allowing markup, and capturing signatures, to answering the post-signature question of: what needs to happen next? SignCenter lets users take full control of where and when documents can be signed, notifies signers via self-expiring links, allows them to sign in person through any connected device, and records all details around the signing like time, date, and IP address of the signer’s device. This ensures proper documentation and easier audit trail which is so important in this industry.

Medtrade Monday: What is the biggest misconception about E Signature tools/systems? 
Apter: People often mistakenly think they must get paper signatures. In fact, CMS and many Medicaids and other payors have provided guidance on how to collect e-signatures. Switching to electronic signature capture is not only easy, it makes the process faster, less error prone, more compliant, and helps you get claims out faster.

The most common misconception is that implementing an electronic signature tool is expensive and complex and will add complexity to the documents being sent to healthcare professionals and clinicians for signature. In fact, is it less expensive than handling signature via paper documents due to the reduction in errors, missed documents and the increase in efficiency and cash flow an electronic tool provides. A good tool should make it simple to send and receive the documents and reduce the steps necessary to get the appropriate signatures from patients and doctors. 

Medtrade Monday: What will Medtrade attendees see at the Medforce booth this year (demos)? 
Apter: This year at Medtrade, Medforce will be featuring SignCenter, but in addition we’ll have our complete line of document management solutions. Medforce offers a full suite of productivity software and services to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and boost your bottom line. We build our products from experience – and we use them ourselves. That user-designed experience results in fewer clicks and more robust features that keep you on track and on time. And of course, all of our solutions will be demoed while at Medtrade, both in small groups and in personal one-on-one sessions for companies with specific questions.

Medtrade is Oct 23-25, 2017 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta
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