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Medforce Technologies Sees Record Growth in Cloud Offering

Medforce Technologies Sees Record Growth in Cloud Offering

SaaS hosted document and process management solutions save resources and reduce risk

March 15, 2017

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Suffern, NY – March 14, 2017. Medforce Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of document and process management software and services, announced unprecedented growth in its Medforce Cloud offering. Medforce Cloud is a SaaS delivery model for the company’s suite of productivity enhancing software solutions targeting healthcare operations. Medforce hosts customer data and provides users secure access from any web-enabled device.

Over thirty percent of Medforce customers chose to convert to cloud hosted version of software in the last year, and the vast majority of new customers in 2016 started on the SaaS model. Benefits of the Cloud-based model versus On-Prem are that companies do not have to maintain their own servers, manage their own databases, and prepare their own backup and disaster recovery plans. Hosted customers reduce IT hardware and resource costs, enjoy seamless upgrades, and benefit from high availability due to server redundancy.

“Many of our client IT administrators wear multiple hats,” highlights Ellen Sluder, Vice President of Marketing. “Upgrades aren’t always performed timely, causing users to miss out on new features and functionality. Backups can get deprioritized depending on what is happening elsewhere, leaving data vulnerable. We handle all of this for our Medforce Cloud customers without them having to get involved, guaranteeing they are always up-to-date. When you add in the data encryption, switching to a hosted model is a no-brainer for the peace of mind and ability to free up resources.”

Medforce offers a variety of productivity solutions for the healthcare industry that helps accelerate the pace of business, increase visibility, boost productivity and improve cash flow. Medforce Cloud customers use the software to manage referral intake, billing and denial management, audits and ADRs, accounts receivable, fax management, order fulfillment, and vendor invoice management among other operational processes.

“Providers understand that Medforce Cloud requires less manpower and expertise to maintain a robust document management system,” explains Steve Bainnson, Vice President of Sales. “Most see a huge savings in the cost of backup alone, and now they never have to worry about uptime. It offers a huge leap in overall performance.”

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Medforce Technologies provides process and document management software and services to help healthcare organizations adapt quickly to change and do more with less. Our modular and flexible products work across all areas of operations from intake and claims to mailroom, AP, AR, and HR, and assist in daily decision making based on real time information and strategic priority. With clients in all sectors of healthcare, we offer the most feature-rich software that conforms to your preferred way of operating, including document management, business process management and workflow automation, electronic forms, denial management, esMD, electronic signature, and fax and referral management. Medforce streamlines your organization to return more time and money to fuel your mission. To learn more about the power of productivity, visit .


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