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 Industry-driven interoperability initiatives must be provider-centric.

June 01, 2017

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At Medforce, our interoperability philosophy is guided by the idea that provider care is just as vital as patient care. You can’t deliver outstanding patient care if you are forced out of business. We believe if we enable providers to be more successful and more profitable, you will, in turn, deliver even better patient care.

There is a lot of talk out there by software developers about interoperability but not as much action. One of the best ways to evaluate whether an interoperability initiative is genuine or just more lip service is to make sure it's provider-centric. Providers need to be on board from day one, giving input and holding the software companies accountable to ensuring technology is built to improve their health and viability.

Medforce follows an open architecture philosophy. We believe providers should choose the mix of software systems they use within their internal health organizations and ensure efficient communication with third parties, including referral partners and payers. We can import and export many data types and work with HL7, X12, CONNECT document submission. We were one of the original CMS certified Health Information Handlers (HIH) and support esMD as a more efficient way to submit CMS documentation than paper based methods.

In addition to adding new integrations with other software developers, we are currently involved in several industry interoperability initiatives: EDMI (coordinated by CMS) and The Innovation Messaging Group Taskforce. We'll also be on site at the X12 data exchange meeting next week in San Antonio.

As these programs move out of the strategy and standards phases and into implementation, we'll be sure to keep you posted for opportunities to get on board. 




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