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Tips & Tricks: Print directly into Medforce

April 28, 2016

Category: Tips & Tricks


Did you know you can print documents and files from any application directly into your Medforce system wiht the Medforce Printer Driver? Whether they are emails, email attachments, CPAP compliance reports, faxes and so on... any document created by a 3rd party application can be sent directly to Medforce. There is no need to print them out and then scan them in - the process can remain completely paperless.

It's easy. You simply select "print" from the application, as you would if you were trying to product a paper version. In the dialogue box where you see your typical paper printers an option for "Medforce Image Driver" will appear. Once you select it, you'll be prompted to sign in to Medforce and your documents will be automatically sent into your Save Scanned Batch for either auto-filing or manual indexing. 

Our Tech Support team will be happy to help you install this time-saving and paper-saving tool. Contact us at to schedule a time for set up. 




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