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Tips & Tricks: Quick Copy

March 26, 2015

Category: Tips & Tricks

It’s easy to gather all of the documents you need to respond to an Additional Documentation Request with MedFORCE Scan. Use our Quick Copy option to compile the individual pages you need to create a single PDF for submission.

To Quick Copy:

  • Locate and view the document you’d like to copy
  • Place your cursor in the gray indexing area between the bins and the document, pointed at the desired destination bin. The cursor should turn into an arrow shape.
  • Right click and select “Copy Document” from the menu.
  • Indicate the number of pages to copy over and select OK.

Here’s how we suggest using Quick Copy to help collect the support documentation to answer a CMS inquiry:

  1. Start by setting up a destination within MedFORCE Scan to assemble the needed copies. We recommend creating a bin within a Patient File Cabinet called “Audit.”
  2. Locate and Quick Copy individual documents into the Audit bin
  3. Reorder the pages to match the CMS request
  4. Print the entire bin/collection of documents as a single PDF




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