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Tips & Tricks: Patient File Pop-up Alerts

March 30, 2016

Category: Tips & Tricks

Did you know you can set an alert on the patient file? This is a useful tool if there is information that you want to make known for anyone working with this file. For example you could write an alert for “Allergic to Penicillin” or “Account overdue, please refer to Billing” – whatever information is crucial to pass on. Alerts will pop up and need to be acknowledged with a quick mouse swipe to access the file, to ensure nothing is missed.



From the patient file, select Forms from the bottom left of the screen, and then Notes from the dialogue box. You can also navigate to this spot from the patient search screen and click “Edit” for that Patient File, and then select Notes. In the Notes dialogue box, you fill in the information you want in your alert. Make sure you select the “Alert” check box before saving and closing out. You can go back into this screen and activate or deactivate notes as alerts as necessary. 

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