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Webinar - E-Signature in healthcare

Completing the paperless office

February 24, 2017

Category: News

In healthcare, prompt signatures are important for compliance in patient care, billing, audits, and general operations. Obtaining signatures on documentation is complicated and relentless. Many offices that claim to have “gone paperless” can be found printing out forms and faxing documentation for approval and authorization, disrupting workflows and causing inefficiencies. Yet most electronic signature programs were not built for the unique challenges of healthcare.

In this webinar, we highlighted the unique characteristics and challenges of gathering signatures in healthcare.  We outlined the benefits of having a signature capture program that maintains digital continuity and helps you manage the entire signature lifecycle.

We also provided a demonstration of SignCenter, the only electronic signature and data capture tool built specifically for healthcare organizations by a healthcare technology company.

Recording: E-Signature Completing the Paperless Office




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