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October 24, 2015

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We are very excited to be unveiling the refreshed Medforce Technologies brand. Our new identity aligns with our status as a leader in productivity software and solutions and builds a solid foundation for continued growth into the future.

Why did we rebrand?

Since Medforce was founded 13 years ago, we’ve experienced tremendous growth but our brand has not kept up.

We’ve consistently added new products, new features, and new services. Our reach across healthcare has grown from DME/HME to pharmacy, LTC facilities, hospitals, ambulatory services, and beyond. Our impact within organizations has grown from intake and reimbursement to AP, HR, mailroom, warehouse and more. All the time we spent focused on updating our technology and ensuring leading edge functionality, we were regretfully neglecting our marketing.

It was time to bring our brand up to speed and ensure that our outward face reflected the reality of our company and aligned with our strategy for the future. 

What has changed:

  • New logo
  • New tagline
  • New product names
  • New website
  • New marketing materials

What hasn’t changed:

  • Leading edge software products
  • Flexible solutions that deliver results for companies of all sizes
  • Responsive and proactive team
  • Our commitment to our customers

New Logo

Our new logo takes our former word mark and modernizes it. We’ve brought some personality into the name by creating a custom “M” symbol that can also be used on its own. The upward motion of the plum “lightning bolt” represents the increase in control, the rise in productivity, and improvement of profits. We chose a strong, bold font for the logo to represent stability, trustworthiness and power.

The plum color is halfway between purple and burgundy. Hues at this end of the color spectrum represent sophistication, energy, and bravery, and it’s intended to stand out among the sea of blues and greens that dominate the healthcare and software industries.

New tagline

After our brand strategy was finalized and we moved into creative development the tagline “The Power of Productivity” was something we were able to lock on to quickly and unanimously. Medforce is the engine for our clients’ lean operations, providing a solid framework and fueling profit margins. Our clients are able to focus their attention on customer service and strategic endeavors because they know we have the details covered. When you become a Medforce client, you can truly understand the benefits and the power of productivity.

New product names

Probably one of the biggest changes is the renaming of our product suite. As we added products, they were each named individually, so our former name set was a hodge-podge of unique and generic names. Renaming the product suite was important to ensure the right message was getting across.

Beyond the importance of portraying that our products work as an integrated set, it was important to reflect how your Medforce system can be used as a hub to connect disparate business applications through a centralized resource for workflow management and data storage. That is where the theme of “center” came from – the idea that our software sits at the center of your organization, coordinating and streamlining all of the individual people, processes and piece of information.

  • WorkFLOW is now CommandCenter: Business process management to maximize productivity
  • MedFORCE Scan is now ContentCenter:  Document management that saves time, money and hassle.
  • D&R Manager is now RemitCenter:  Denial management that improves the bottom line.
  • Form Designer is now FormsCenter:  Electronic data capture to connect and track your business.
  • ZipMit, our esMD solution, is the only core product to retain its original name due to the unique nature of the HIH partnership with CMS.

Our team is prepared to be “bilingual” for a while using both sets of names, as our on-premises customers may choose to update their software at future date. We also recognize that it will be difficult for some people to change their old habits. We’re going to be as accommodating as possible, while continuing to push forward with the name change.

If you’d like to see a demo of any of our software or see the latest in features and functionality, please schedule a meeting with us using the Contact Us form.

New website

What’s there to say? You’re on it right now! Please explore and send us your feedback. We’re always happy to hear from you.

What does the rebrand mean for clients?

Right now, the main difference you’ll see is in our marketing materials. The features and functionality you love and rely on will remain the same.

Over the next week or so, version 11.0.0 of our product suite will be released with the new product names embedded inside. We will alert you to when it goes live, and set up an update schedule for our cloud based clients.

What’s next?

We are so excited to have our outside match our inside (products and people). We’ll be continuing the conversion of the remaining brand assets to the new brand and launching new campaigns including webinars, white papers and thought pieces. We look forward to continuing the conversation about maximizing efficiency and productivity.




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