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What to Look for in a Business Process Management System

November 30, 2016

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Selecting a business process management system can be daunting, but it's not impossible to choose a system that increases productivity and scales to your business.  It's an important decision for any business, because the right BPM can help improve your workflow process and allow you to do more with less.  There are hundreds of solutions to choose from, with different strengths and weaknesses. Since you can't evaluate every part of every system, here's our shortlist of important factors to consider before choosing a BPM for your company.

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Necessary Features

You can't just choose any BPM - your choice must move the needle and generate better business outcomes. Most business processes require multiple steps, which may include patient intake, insurance verification, claims submission and more, depending on your individualized business needs.  Ideally, your BPM software or system should help eliminate unnecessary steps and streamline processes.  Look for systems that help identify and automate common steps and establish who in your organization is responsible for each step. Good BPM systems will help you map the steps and identify how long each step should take.

Another integral feature is real-time claims processing and multiple electronic payment options. Any system in patient-related healthcare should easily handle Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance payments. However, just as importantly, your system should provide ways to improve efficiency in other areas. HME News recommends five keys to success:

  • Remote problem-solving - Consider systems that allow your remote service personnel to interact seamlessly with field personnel.
  • Let field workers handle more - Standardizing how cases are handled will enable on-site workers to accomplish more.
  • Give customers multiple communication channels - A well-designed self-service portal bridges communication gaps and offers the right format for responses, requests and collaboration. Bonus points if it logs actions and interactions, and offers analytics and insights
  • Reduce truck stock - Consider a system that allows you to follow up with field workers immediately after a service event. This will enable you to get valuable equipment off the truck and back into your inventory.
  • Increase service event management - Look for systems that will eliminate bottlenecks, silos and other inefficiencies.

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Key System Differences

BPM systems differ from one another in a few key areas. Some systems are Windows-based, while others may be integrated with your organization's website or are fully functional online instead of residing on your internal servers. Another area to investigate is whether your system can streamline external collaboration with vendors. Often there are areas for improvement when working with outside companies.

Questions to ask include:

  • Can you have your vendors send you electronic invoices instead of mail that has to be opened, scanned and distributed?
  • Can you have your referral sources use a secure online form to send referrals rather than traditional communication methods?
  • Can you provide secure view-only access to case managers to look at the status of a delivery to encourage self-service? 

Some systems offer an "all-in-one" solution that may seem attractive on the surface. However, it is important to approach this from an a la carte fashion if you're looking to build a customized and scalable system that captures the processes important to your business' needs. 

How to Identify a Successful System

The best systems connect and automate processes, people, and content to streamline your workflow. They're intuitive and easily navigated by users. Look for systems that also enable your patients and clients to interface with your company.  Ideally, your BPM system should allow departmental teams to coordinate on projects. It should be just as easy for Marketing and Sales to use the system as it is for Billing, Finance, or Patient Care personnel. Start by identifying the areas where process improvement is most critical. From there, look for ways to streamline tasks and improve worker efficiency. The best BPM system will provide solutions to most operational inefficiencies right away. Consider a company that provides scalable solutions instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. Your ideal business process management system will be a facilitator for efficiency within your company, built to meet your needs and offering a suite of services that empowers your administrators and other employees to be exceptionally effective.





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