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Home Medical Equipment Provider

Elevating Employees with Medforce’s Filing Service

Focused on growing its reputation as a dedicated provider of high quality products and superior service, a Home Medical Equipment provider was very diligent about assessing operations and looking for opportunities for improvement. With competitive bidding and reimbursement cutbacks threatening margins, the leadership team needed all hands on deck to be focused on forwarding the mission. Looking more closely at their staff filer who was responsible for getting documentation into patient files, the company decided her time was better used focused on direct patient service.

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“The Medforce Filing Service saves us the time and money of not just the filing…. but also the retrieving of the documents. We don’t have a backlog, so there isn’t a lot of running around searching for documents we need for audits. When you think of it from the grand scheme, it saves us a lot.”

— Operations Manager, Home Medical Equipment Provider


“It just made sense,” says the company’s Operations Manager. “You could spend less money to outsource it. You could spend as much or less and get a more streamlined process. We place all of our files into a secure FTP site and it will automatically upload and then the [Medforce] Filing Service takes care of it. We don’t even have to do anything.”

Plus, the turnaround time is a lot faster. Before, the company only had one person working part time to file. It took a long time to get all of the documents in – sometimes a long as 2 weeks. Now, it is less than two days.  Especially when having to respond to audits, documentation needs to be readily available and easily accessible to submit quickly for a review or an appeal. 

But the real value was in being able to redirect the filer’s time to more strategic activities. The Operations Manager explains, “[Our filer] was somebody who was really smart; she’s gone on to college. She was able to help with intake, putting in orders, CPAP and BiPAP intake. We could really use her as a resource. It felt like we were wasting her abilities when we were shorthanded on the customer service side. So we moved her over to do that instead.” 

The company puts about 15,000 pages of documentation through the Medforce Filing Service each month and enjoys the efficiency of having zero backlog.  Beyond the lower cost of outsourcing, saving the time of the other employees trying to find documentation to respond to audits has been a substantial cost savings as well. For everyone at the company, the Filing Service has given them more time to dedicate to business and patient needs. 


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