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AdvaCare Home Services

Boosting Productivity in Accounts Receivable

AdvaCare Home Services has been serving patients at retail locations and in their homes since 1996. When the Billing Manager of 13 years decided to leave the company, it presented an opportunity to reevaluate how Accounts Receivable processes were being managed in an effort to reduce costs and improve cash flow. Executives needed more visibility and control than what their billing software could provide and turned to Medforce for a technology solution that would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the AR team.

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With four retail locations as well as on-site care services, AdvaCare Home Services  not only offers a wide variety of oxygen delivery systems, sleep therapy, and home medical equipment and supplies, it is fueled by a mission to provide the education and guidance necessary to ensure patients maintain the highest quality of life. The leadership team has always been vigilant in looking for opportunities to streamline operations and improve productivity for the sake of organizational health, and AdvaCare went paperless in the early 2000s. Accounts Receivable and all processes related to securing revenue remained solely managed in the billing software.

In 2016, after 13 years of service with the company, AdvaCare’s Billing Manager decided to switch careers and resigned. Knowing that without strong management of Accounts Receivable cash flow is eroded, AdvaCare’s leadership immediately jumped in to get a handle on AR while the search for a replacement Manager began.  

“We can have the best marketing team, the best customer service department, the best respiratory therapists – but if we don’t get paid, we might as well shut off the lights and call it a day,” says AdvaCare owner Tammy Zelenko. “Especially now, with reimbursement cuts, every dollar counts. Time is money and resubmitting claims is money. You have to be on top of your AR.”  

It was determined quickly that the billing system was not giving the data and detail necessary to properly manage outstanding invoices. While you could assign work and develop work lists, it gave an opaque view of what was actually happening. Pieces of information were scattered throughout the program and there was no tracking of the AR pipeline or accountability for employee performance.

Determined not to let AR get out of control, AdvaCare turned to Medforce for help. 


Everything is in one place. I can look at the whole AR picture or at pieces of the pie. I can make it as simplistic as I want – just show me what is out there – or I can take a deeper dive by payer, by staff person, by date. I have a much better handle on my cash flow with these tools. And I don’t have to be onsite to keep track; I can do it from anywhere. It gives me comfort to know confidently that things are getting done.

— Tammy Zelenko, Owner, AdvaCare Home Services


AdvaCare selected Medforce’s CommandCenter workflow management tool to bring visibility and control to Accounts Receivable. Pulling outstanding invoices and denials into a dedicated business process management tool revealed leakage in the Accounts Receivable process that was costing AdvaCare hard-earned revenue. Medforce worked quickly to stop these leaks and apply automation and tracking systems to improve accuracy and timeliness while providing unmatched perspective and control. 

All outstanding invoices and denials are imported on a daily basis from AdvaCare’s billing software and workflow tasks are created for each invoice. These tasks are automatically assigned to AR staff based on logic programmed by leadership, and related documentation is linked to the task from the ContentCenter document management software. Electronic Remittance Notices (ERNs) are imported daily through RemitCenter and automatically matched with the invoice and patient file, so there is always a complete, real-time picture.  All the information needed to work the claim is contained in one spot. 


AdvaCare’s entire Accounts Receivable pipeline is now visible and easily monitored including what is coming in, who it is assigned to, what hasn’t yet been assigned, what the next deadlines are, what claims are waiting for additional information, and which ones have problems and need extra attention.  Managers are able to shift focus, update workflows, or reassign work as needed to ensure optimal outcomes and highest dollars collected.

AR staff sign in to the system and view a list of items queued to be worked that is dynamically prioritized based on strategic urgency. Workloads are more manageable because employees receive denials real-time.  With all needed information at their fingertips and the ability to collaborate and escalate issues without getting up from their desks, the team is able to achieve a greater rhythm and momentum in their work day and be more productive than ever. 

Additional Results: 

  • Better handle on cash flow
  • Bottlenecks were idenfitied and eliminated
  • Time management has improved
  • DOS has dropped to between 30-33 days
  • Denials are received and worked real-time
  • Write-offs have been reduced

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