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Absolute Respiratory Care

Complete Patient Files in Real Time with Medforce’s Filing Service

Absolute Respiratory Care is a Rhode Island-based provider committed to ensuring all patients are treated with respect and dignity and receive care for all of their needs: physical, emotional and environmental. Providing responsive customer service means quickly answering questions and proactively addressing needs of both patients and physicians. Having complete patient files that are readily accessible is a must. When the company’s veteran filer decided to retire, Medforce stepped in with its customized Filing Service to help Absolute Respiratory ensure up-to-date patient files.

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“Not everyone has access to our billing system, but everyone has access to Medforce and can get what they need. We are committed to doing regular follow up with our patients and we no longer have to hunt around to make sure the documentation is there; we know it will be. And the fact that it gets done overnight is amazing.”

— Lori Duggan, Operations Manager


A happy user of Medforce’s document management program since 2007, Absolute Respiratory was interested in the possibility of not having to directly replace their filer, and decided to test out Medforce’s Filing Service. Since coming on board as a filing client, the company has not only saved time and money but a lot of headache as well.  

On a daily basis, the Medforce filing team logs in remotely to the Absolute Respiratory Care pending file area (save scanned batch) and quickly places the documents into the appropriate files. Having initially worked to eliminate a small backlog, Medforce now focuses on making sure all files are in their appropriate bins overnight. Compared to the several-day lag that it took their previous filer, Absolute Respiratory is able to provide better customer service than ever before. When a patient calls and the customer service representative needs to look up details about a specific oxygen mask or needs to read the physician notes or review an insurance document, they have the confidence that everything they need will be in one spot. No more having to dig through boxes or ask around. 

Beyond the time savings, there are ancillary costs that no longer come into play. Absolute Respiratory doesn’t have to pay for additional health benefits, prepare a desk space or provide a computer to use.  There is no scrambling to cover vacation times, when filing used to come to a near-standstill. Medforce’s filing team provides seamless service. 

And there is a mental overhead that no longer comes into play. Lori Duggan, Absolute Respiratory Care’s Operations Manager notes, “Its one less thing I have to actively manage. I don’t have to worry about our filer calling in sick or getting an injury that might make her slow down or unable to file. I don’t have to worry about providing annual reviews. Now, as orders are confirmed they go directly into the Medforce system, and I know by the next day they will be where they are supposed to be.” 


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