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Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical Supply

Creating a platform for superior customer service

Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical Supply is a Catholic Health Initiatives affiliate and part of the CHI Franciscan Health system.  The company’s focus has always been to provide patients with the utmost care and attention. Working to better coordinate service across several locations and numerous hospital based therapists, Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical Supply selected Medforce to provide the technology that would literally get everyone on the same page.

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With nine different pharmacy locations (four focused on DME) and a billing department in a separate downtown building, Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical Supply spent a significant amount of time on the phone and faxing documents between offices. Even within the individual locations, employees were frequently leaving their desks to manually transfer orders to the warehouse for completion.

Processing a standard patient order from intake to completion required a tremendous amount of back and forth effort from the Store to Benefits & Eligibility, back to the Store, then to the Warehouse, and finally back to the Store and on to Billing.   And depending upon the type of order, it was typical for the related processes to become even more complex.  For example, compression garments require a prescription from a LANA-certified therapist in order for state plans to cover the costs. Those therapists work within the hospital rehab center, and patients often needed to wait while the paperwork shuttled between locations.  When patients called to check on an order status, the Franciscan staff would take notes and promise to call the patient back with the requested information. Despite the staff’s best efforts, without a central tracking system, a single call could easily turn into two calls or three or four to get all of the needed information gathered and relayed back to the patient.

Although Franciscan had instituted Medforce’s paperless filing system for organizing, storing and sharing documents, the related work processes remained highly manual and fraught with risk. The filing system was only as good as the documents that were indexed into it. If an employee missed a step or overlooked getting a piece of paperwork completed, it could go unnoticed. Missing claims and documentation meant delays or an inability to collect money the company had earned. When claims were sent to billing for processing, there was no easy way for the pharmacy to confirm whether the documentation arrived complete. The organization’s processes were complex, required a lot of manual attention, and were sometimes performed inconsistently. And, in the end, they were hindering the staff’s ability to provide patients with the efficient and timely service that fueled the Franciscan mission.


We love it. The thing I can’t stress enough is: it gives me peace of mind. When I leave at the end of the day, every patient is accounted for. Every patient that doesn’t have an answer today, we will pick it up where we left off tomorrow morning. They don’t get lost. There is no way we could do the volume of work we do now with the number of people we have without Medforce.

— Marilyn Kase, Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical DME Supervisor


It was clear that a business process management tool would be incredibly effective in standardizing, assigning and tracking activities as well as automating the transition of orders and claims between departments. After becoming familiar with Medforce’s CommandCenter solution, Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical Supply made the decision to rework their operations from top to bottom all at once. CommandCenter’s comprehensive administrative tools, access rights, and dashboard analytics coupled with its seamless integration with ContentCenter’s electronic document management capabilities gave Franciscan’s leadership team the confidence to revolutionize the way they performed their work from day one.

The Medforce implementation team went onsite to develop an in depth understanding of Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical Supply’s operations. Working collaboratively, we mapped and standardized processes, determined accountability and timeframes, and trained both administrative and users.  With CommandCenter initially deployed to address the organization’s main processes and the skills to quickly map and program new ones, the organization jumped right in to their new way of working in just a few days.


Franciscan Pharmacy & Home Medical Supply has been using CommandCenter since 2011. It has allowed them to shrink the effort associated with back office, logistics and administrative tasks and increase the time, focus, and resources devoted to servicing patients.

Highlights include:

  • Time from dispensing to billing has been reduced from the previous 3-7 day timeframe to less than an hour.
  • Capability to track a task or situation from initiation to completion - eliminating missed steps and lost paperwork and providing status updates at a glance.
  • Automated transitions between departments and preset alerts keep work flowing smoothly throughout the organization.
  • Close collaboration between departments, locations, and off-site therapists, enabling timely input and feedback.
  • Escalations that ensure no missed deadlines.
  • Responses to patient inquiries are now instantaneous and any representative can provide complete updates based on the information captured within the Medforce system.
  • Interactive dashboards and workload visualization enable supervisors to easily keep a finger on the pulse of the operations in real time. 

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