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7 Underrated Features Important to Document Management

September 07, 2017

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If you page back five short years, you'll remember that the whole of the healthcare industry was still talking about EHR and switching to electronic document management systems. Today, with changes to the Affordable Care Act and all of the necessary regulations, coupled with more pressure on internal revenue management considerations, your document management system is integral to your success on every level. Your document management system allows your practice to better serve patients in a variety of ways, from billing to care to better staff productivity. An article in Becker's Hospital Review itemized some of the main benefits to a great document management system for any healthcare organization, if you're still not convinced you need to upgrade.

Most practices and healthcare organizations have already made the jump or are seriously considering which software or service to contract. If you're still in the research phase of your next document management solution, here are some key features you should consider when upgrading. 

Important and Underrated Features Your Document Management System Needs

  1. Automatic Document Import. Upgrading to a new system should not mean reinventing the wheel. The reason you want to switch to a document management system is to streamline the amount of paper and ways your organization can store and use data. The document management system you choose should be able to automatically import documents, so that key employees don't spend an inordinate amount of time trying to either key in information or reformat existing documentation.
  2. Compatibility With Standard Business Applications. Every software and system you use runs the risk of not working correctly with other applications. A great document management system will be compatible with most standard applications used in your industry. Check with the vendor if you have any questions and ask how incompatibility issues are remedied when they do occur.
  3. Flexibility in File Types. Your organization will likely gather documentation from many entities which means that it's integral to be able to store and access files outside of the standard file types used within your system. When researching new document management systems, verify that all file types (.doc, .pdf, .jpeg, etc) can be viewed and stored within your system.
  4. Unlimited Storage. Moving documentation to a digital format saves your organization the need for physical storage space, but there are still concerns about document storage in the digital world. When researching management systems. verify the amount of storage capabilities. Consider that you may be using this system for many years. Look for solutions with unlimited storage options.
  5. Tracking Capabilities. Your document management system should have tracking capabilities so that any information can be accessed and each stakeholder noted in the process of the patient files or records. This allows your organization better audit capabilities and individual staff will have real time information on any given case.
  6. Search Capabilities. Your document management system should have user friendly, comprehensive search capabilities to better improve staff productivity.
  7. HIPAA Compliant. This should go without saying but, when choosing document management systems, make certain that the choice is fully HIPAA compliant and that the vendor has a plan in place to stay current with regulations in this area. This may include data encryption and other technologies.

These seven features are only a few that you should look for in your new system. Accurate and effective document management improves patient care and the overall administrative health of your organization. It's important that your new system offers support for implementation and offers an easy to use solution for staff. 




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