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Best practices for efficient outbound document faxing

January 31, 2018

Category: General

How to ensure efficient outbound document faxing with the time your healthcare organization spends on, advice, best practices and more.

How Workflow Automation Breeds Better Business Intelligence

October 24, 2017

Category: General

A key part of the shift to business intelligence (BI) is workflow automation, a process to replace paper-based processes with digital ones.

The Importance of Data in Streamlining Healthcare Operations

October 20, 2017

Category: General

The next major revolution in healthcare is not only on the horizon, but already happening: big data. What does big data mean for you as a healthcare provider? 

Defining the Signature Life Cycle

October 16, 2017

Category: General

Moving to electronic signature software is the obvious way to stop chasing paper and improve efficiency. But sending the documents for signature in an ad-hoc or one-off way maintains many of the challenges of a paper signature process. The full signature lifecycle doesn’t start with the sending out of a document to be signed. Learn more about the four parts of the document signature life cycle. 

Top 5 Technologies that Facilitate Better Collaboration

October 10, 2017

Category: General

Without great communication within healthcare organizations, productivity stalls out and workflows are in jeopardy. Technology can help providers and administrators communicate better and deliver better results.

5 Underappreciated Benefits of Electronic Signature Solutions

October 09, 2017

Category: General

The benefits of electronic signature can help people working in the healthcare industry save time and streamline the signature process.

Why are You Still Sending Old-School Faxes in 2017?

October 04, 2017

Category: General

For healthcare organizations in the modern era, sending old-school faxes isn't sustainable. Learn about the challenges and how medical administration can be more productive.

6 Document Difficulties That Frustrate Healthcare Organizations

September 29, 2017

Category: General

Are you struggling to find an optimal document management system? Find a solution that solves the document difficulties that frustrate healthcare organizations.

Is your fax server HIPAA compliant?

September 12, 2017

Category: General

Moving away from physical fax machines to an electronic fax server (e-faxing) can be a great step toward becoming an efficient, paperless office. But depending on how you pick up the fax files, your setup may not be HIPAA compliant. Read more to learn why. 

7 Underrated Features Important to Document Management

September 07, 2017

Category: General

In the research phase of finding your next document management solution? Here are some key features you should consider when upgrading document management platforms.

Best Practices for Healthcare Denial Management

September 05, 2017

Category: General

Best practices for healthcare denial management can help you eliminate these bottlenecks and make your systems more efficient and your staff happier.

What an AR Manager Needs

August 17, 2017

Category: General

AR departments in healthcare companies can vary widely in size.  They can be one person or many. But regardless of size, what an AR manager needs to be effective remains the same.



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