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Featured Product: Workflow

May 28, 2015

Category: General

Our business process management suite of tools helps you design, perform, and manage business processes with the utmost efficiency.

Step 2 in Mapping a Process

May 20, 2015

Category: General

Process maps are the visual representation of the work that is done. They contain triggers, assignees, activities, transitions, decisions, escalations, and data/documentation. You must parse out each piece as it currently exists before you can determine the standardized configuration  you will implement in your business process management software.

The First Step is the Hardest

May 18, 2015

Category: General

Your business is a complex machine of moving parts, pieces, people, activities, ideas, and decisions. Where do you start with going lean?

Communicating with CMS - Survey Results

April 22, 2015

Category: General

We all know CMS makes you work hard for your money. There are many contributing factors that make getting the payment you deserve extremely challenging. But what is the most painful part and why? We turned this question out to you. We received 125 responses and the results were very interesting!

Selecting a Process to Map

April 15, 2015

Category: General

Congratulations! You’ve decided to institute business process management. It’s an exciting and rewarding journey ahead. But that first step can be intimidating. Picking an appropriate first process to map is critical in building a foundation for success. It will be the process by which your staff is introduced to a new way of doing things, and where the first inklings of a return on your investment will be seen. In most cases, the first process to be mapped, standardized, and refined has a lot to prove. How do you choose the right one?

CMS Audit Survey Results

March 25, 2015

Category: General

We were thrilled to see such a great response to our CMS Audits survey. We asked you to help us understand what volume of audits you face on a monthly basis. We received 125 responses with very interesting results that give insight into CMS Audits.

5 Steps to Prepare for Audits

March 18, 2015

Category: General

There is a lot to manage when it comes to girding your organization to be CMS “denial-proof”. The preapproval and auditing process can be complex and demanding and requires focus. Being prepared to effectively handling an audit situation starts with the initial submission process and requires vigilance in both document and time management.

Back Office Implications of HHS Goals for Quality-Value Based Payments

February 26, 2015

Category: General

Along with the clear vision for value based healthcare, there remains the question ofhow the transformation will take place. One of the biggest questions in our mind is: How will new protocols for requesting, supporting and fulfilling quality-based payments impact the operational processes of providers? As pioneering ACOs and other value-based care providers (re)organize their systems to manage the care of patients, the implications of these new standards on the back office has yet to fully be explored.



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