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The First Step is the Hardest

Where to start when going lean

May 18, 2015

Category: General

As the healthcare industry revolutionizes, providers have no choice but to adapt, evolve and change to stay viable. The advice to implement business process management, achieve lean processes, or enable workflow automation can sound great on the surface – but the HOW can be daunting.  Your business is a complex machine of moving parts, pieces, people, activities, ideas, and decisions. Where do you start?

The answer is easy: start small.

Having helped hundreds of clients cut out operational waste, elevate employees’ focus, and lay a foundation for increased profitability and growth, we know the shift to optimization is best taken in bite-sized chunks.  Once the first process is mapped and perfected, additional ones can be layered on.

Taking it bit by bit, you learn not only the best methods for process mapping, but you also learn surprising nuances of how to best enact change in your specific company. Each new process becomes faster to map and easier to implement. While the revolution in the industry at large may be out of your control, the revolution inside your business happens one step –or one process–at a time.




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