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The Hidden Cost of Load Times

March 24, 2016

Category: General

You need to have all of your documentation at your fingertips, but long load times can keep them an arms length away. 

Product Spotlight: ShipCenter

February 09, 2016

Category: General

Proof of delivery is a critical link in the chain of documentation required to get paid and be audit-proof. Medforce's ShipCenter helps you effortlessly track and retain these vital documents for when you need them most. ​

Webinar - 5 Ways to Improve Referral Management

January 18, 2016

Category: General

On February 16th, we'll be hosting a Webinar on Referral Management in Healthcare. We’ll focus on 5 ways to improve how you handle referrals. Register today! 

Pre-Fab versus Platform

December 18, 2015

Category: General

When it comes to business process management, there are generally two ways to implement a workflow management solution. You can bring on a platform that allows you to custom build the framework for your operation, or you can select a preconfigured solution that is built from the developer’s knowledge of the industry.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of each. 

The Key to Change: Start Small

September 30, 2015

Category: General

In a dynamic and uncertain industry, agility and change are requirements for survival, let alone success. We have seen time and again that having the proper process and document management systems in place can transform healthcare businesses. But we have also seen the paralysis that can come from attempting to rework your entire operation in one fell swoop. So to all of our clients, whether hesitant to modernize operations or gung-ho to make expansive changes, we offer the same piece of advice: Start small.

Business Process Management (BPM) Improves Patient Experience

August 27, 2015

Category: General

Evidence shows that patients thrive when they work with organizations who participate in business process management.  BPM actually improves patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Q&A with CMS about esMD

July 28, 2015

Category: General

Here is a summary of the top questions and answers from our esMD webinar, answered by CMS and by MedFORCE.

Insights from Heartland

July 07, 2015

Category: General

Shelly Rogers, Senior Solution Consultant, gave a presentation at the Heartland Conference on workflow automation and how business process management can improve productivity. The seminar was very interactive and Shelly reports a great conversation flowed. She came away with three key takeaways...

Did you know? Auto-denial of CMS Claims

June 25, 2015

Category: General

There is a frustrating flaw in the Medicare Program Integrity Manual (PIM) guidelines.

Featured Product: Form Designer

June 25, 2015

Category: General

Do use paper forms to capture information that then needs to be entered into your system? Do you rely heavily on Excel to analyze disparate information that is critical to running your business? If so, Form Designer could dramatically improve your efficiency. Form Designer is an electronic form creation tool that allows you to design the layout, the type of field, and the information you’d like to collect through simple drag and drop technology.

Automation for Peace of Mind

June 16, 2015

Category: General

 One of the most powerful tools to bring peace of mind is automation.

CEO Esther Apter Speaking at Heartland

June 03, 2015

Category: General

MedFORCE Founder and CEO Esther Apter will be presenting at Heartland Conference 2015 in Waterloo, IA. Scheduled for June 16th at 11am, she will be speaking as part of the Product and Technologies Sessions held in the seminar room on the first floor.



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