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The Hidden Cost of Load Times

March 24, 2016

Category: General


We recently heard that a competing software company's support team told a provider it was normal for a page in their document management system to take 15-20 seconds to load on screen. While this may sound like no big deal for one document, it really adds up over time and can become a hefty hidden cost. 

Assuming the average customer service rep is working 200 documents per day, 20 seconds per document adds up to over an hour of waiting a day. And because it is done just a few seconds at a time, you can't fill that time with other activities. It is literally lost productivity, an added cost to operations.  The average Medical Biller earns $18.50 per hour. The delays experienced in load time waste a minimum of $4800 per biller, per year.  

In Medforce, a page will load in less than one second, reducing that daily wait time to under 4 minutes per day. Plus, we guarantee our up-time, ensuring you are never without the documentation you need. 

Don't settle for this hidden cost of delayed load times. Ensure all documentation is at your fingertips - not at your elbows or a full arm's length away. 




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