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Business Process Management (BPM) Improves Patient Experience

August 27, 2015

Category: General

We hear a lot about Business Process Management (BPM) can improve the productivity of a provider company. It cuts out waste, ensures consistency, and streamlines operations.  All of this allows providers to free up staff time to focus on better customer service or expanding their businesses. But what about the patients?

Surely patients want their providers to be successful, remain viable, and possibly grow. Perhaps there is even some cost saving they will experience. But is that it? No. Evidence shows that patients thrive when they work with organizations who participate in business process management.  BPM actually improves patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Here are several examples:

1. In this example written up in Kaiser Health News hospital doctors and researchers are investigating how an improvement to the process management and coordination of night time checks on patients can improve outcomes. It started after they noticed that quality of sleep affected patient satisfaction. It turns out a lot of hospital patients don’t get a full night’s sleep due to multiple, non-synchronized wake ups for activities such as vital checks and medication administration. A process management tool can help with simple tasks – such as having the nurse administering medications also take vital signs at the same time. As well as determining the maximum time allowed before a patient needs to be roused, using the time management capabilities. The result is a more well-rested, happier and healthier patient.

2. An example from the DME space is an actual case that happened with one of our clients. When coordinating a delivery, the customer service rep was calling to verify the order, insurance and copay. Not even an hour later, the delivery driver was calling to schedule a delivery window. The result was two calls to a patient in a short span of time, by two different people. By simply giving the CSR access to the delivery schedule, all information needed from the patient was gathered in the first phone call. The patient experience was simplified and the perception of the provider as being coordinated and organized was improved.

3. Another way a process management and document management solution can improve customer experience is by providing a central, accessible repository for all information related to a particular patient. When that patient calls to check on delivery, or question a charge, or get any kind of service – the rep on the phone can quickly pull up all information from their computer, read through the notes, check the status of outstanding orders, and give the needed answers in the minimal amount of time. Also, anyone within the company who has been given access to this information can help. Because the system is standardized across the organization, everyone can get what is needed right away. Patients don’t have to wait to talk to a specific person who might be on lunch break or out of the office for the day.  It creates a better, faster customer service experience and builds provider loyalty.

The power of business process management isn’t just about dropping money to the bottom line, it is also about fulfilling your commitments to your patients and improving their overall experience.




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