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The Key to Change: Start Small

September 30, 2015

Category: General

In a dynamic and uncertain industry, agility and change are requirements for survival, let alone success. We have seen time and again that having the proper process and document management systems in place can transform healthcare businesses. But we have also seen the paralysis that can come from attempting to rework your entire operation in one fell swoop. So to all of our clients, whether hesitant to modernize operations or gung-ho to make expansive changes, we offer the same piece of advice: Start small.

When coaching clients on implementing our BPM solutions, we recommend starting with a single or small group of finite processes, meaning you can define a clear beginning and end. Ideally, you would select ones that multiple users touch (i.e. contain handoffs). Implementing a simple process management program in a focused way allows you to quickly gain comfort with any new technology and layer in complexity as you are ready. This reduces overall implementation time and minimizes time to improved productivity.

The benefits of starting small

Avoid paralysis and quickly see results. Mapping out every single process in your business at one time is a lot to taken on. For most of our clients, this is the first time they’ve implemented wide scale process improvement, and there can be a strong desire to get everything “perfect” before launching it.  This can result in multiple revisions and possibly a fear of launching. The faster you can automate and streamline even a single process, the sooner you will start seeing results.

Customize as you go and build the ideal system. When you layer on each process in small batches, you have opportunity to build the most efficient system. What might work best in the live world, or conceptually in a process map, might work out differently once you have everything within a technology program. When you begin to work in the system, new ideas and better ways of accomplishing goals will be revealed. You may be able to achieve goals in ways previously unimagined.

Priority processes will rise to the top. We find that clients who start small, their users end up begging for which will be the next processes to be automated and managed in WorkFLOW. The biggest pain points and areas where automation can help will quickly be uncovered, further speeding up the time to results.

Business Process Management can be life changing – whether it’s a question of survival or enabling growth. It’s an exciting adventure that will reap big rewards, but the first step is always the hardest. No matter what your business, getting from overwhelmed to overjoyed all begins at the same place: Starting small.




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