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Improving referral management

September 19, 2016

Category: General

Orignally published in HME Business, this article dives into the ways technology can improve referral intake.  Adding automation to your referral management provides the tools and insight needed to improve your processes and secure more profitable business. 

Tech Support Stats

September 16, 2016

Category: General

We surveyed our users about Medforce's Tech Support. Read the results here. 

Upcoming Shows: Partner User Conferences

August 29, 2016

Category: General

We’re very excited to be returning to both Mediware’s and Universal Software Solutions’ user conferences. 

New Functionality: MICR / Check Reading

August 26, 2016

Category: General

Medforce's Content Center is now MICR-enabled. 

Medicare Overpayments Across Healthcare

August 24, 2016

Category: General

In our first post about overpayments, we described how an overpayment can happen from a provider point of view. Now, let’s look at what happens from an industry point of view, specifically Medicare overpayments. While there are differences between sectors, there are some commonalities and the statistics are staggering. 

Optimizing fax handling

August 23, 2016

Category: General

There hasn’t been much innovation in faxing since electronic fax servers were introduced, and issues and problems persist that hold back companies like yours from being as efficient and productive as possible. Originally published in HME Business in August 2016, this article by VP of Sales Steve Bainnson explains why the current state of fax handling is insufficient and how you can improve. 

Explaining Overpayments

August 22, 2016

Category: General

Overpayments and refunds are some of the most painful things to handle in business... and they are also very common. But what exactly are overpayments and how do they happen? 

Technophile or Technophobe? The answer will direct your change management plan

August 11, 2016

Category: General

There are four main types of technology users. Depending on the makeup of your team, you will have different challenges to overcome and strengths to leverage when working to enact positive change. 

Webinar: 8 Reasons to Go Paperless in Accounts Payable

July 29, 2016

Category: General

In this webinar, we’ll review the top eight reasons why the Accounts Payable department should adopt document management software to reduce cost, improve accuracy, and save time.

We’ll also provide a brief demonstration of Medforce’s Vendor Invoice Management App, which is designed to take document management to the next level for your AP department. 

Click through to read more and get the registration link. 

Downtime Getting You Down?

July 18, 2016

Category: General

If you don’t have our ContentCenter and find yourself stymied by inaccessible documentation, here is a list of things you can do while you’re waiting for your software to come back online. 

The Importance of Full-Text Search

July 14, 2016

Category: General

To truly maximize your efficiency with regards to document and data storage, you need to pay attention to not only how you get information and documentation in to your system but how you get it out.

Overcoming Barriers to Employee Buy-in

June 29, 2016

Category: General

We see it often: The management team will be extremely excited about the opportunities our software present to the company and then be really surprised when they experience pushback from the front lines. It’s so clear to the executives that the software is going to improve the lives and productivity of their employees, and they can't understand why employees would hesitate. But resistance to change is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

When we dig deeper, there are typically three broad reasons why employees are resistant to change. Learn how to address them to improve your productivity. 



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