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BPM Lessons Learned The Hard Way - So You Don't Have To

January 16, 2017

Category: General

Want to learn insights and BPM lessons from the pros? We've reached out to some business process management experts and asked for some advice on their takeaways from many years in the industry.

Reduce time spent on paperwork

January 11, 2017

Category: General

Is the amount of paperwork your staff has to process out of control? You’re not alone.

According to a recently published study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, every hour physicians were seeing patients, they were spending nearly two additional hours on paperwork. The fact is: the workload is tripled for healthcare administrators.

Tracking Overpayments - How Automation Can Help

December 22, 2016

Category: General

Ignoring the overpayments problem will only make it worse. But there are barriers to tracking overpayments that need to be addressed. 

Do you have efficiency leaks?

December 22, 2016

Category: General

You’ve gone paperless. You have some form of workflow automation in place. You feel good that you’re leveraging technology to reduce costs and improve productivity. But are you really doing all you can? Efficiency leaks are the "death by papercuts" of business operations. Let us help you plug those gaps. 

Avoid the CMS Documentation Black Hole

December 22, 2016

Category: General

Providers must overcome many challenges when facing an audit. Due to the sheer volume of audit requests, labor costs can skyrocket and eat into your profitability. Missing deadlines can cost you your right to appeal, and documentation submissions can be a difficult to track. When you send by fax or post, it can feel like your submission went into a black hole.

Tools you need to optimize your business processes next year

December 20, 2016

Category: General

Is your organization running efficiently? If you missed the Medforce Business Process Optimization Webinar Series we presented this year, we're happy to offer a library of videos and recordings. Check out a few helpful resources for managing your business practices. 

Product Road Map

November 30, 2016

Category: General

Part of our planning process for 2017 includes building a product roadmap that is a combined effort between all departments, led by what we understand to be our customers’ greatest needs.  We look at both performance improvements as well as new product development, and our road map helps us to stay on track and make sure that what we are putting together is meaningful to you. 

Musings from the Floor of Medtrade Fall 2016

November 11, 2016

Category: General

We gathered the thoughts of our sales reps who spent time talking with Medtrade Fall 2016 attendees. What are the biggest concerns? What are the areas that people are quick to want to fix? 

Webinar: Improving Employee Management with BPM

November 04, 2016

Category: General

From HR and hiring, to daily work distribution, to minimizing the impact of employee turnover, learn how BPM is an effective tool in improving morale and keeping productivity on track. Plus, we’ll cover strategies for gaining employee buy-in. 

What BPM software can do for you

October 27, 2016

Category: General

How does BPM software work? Find out in this 90 second explainer video. 

Medforce All Over Medtrade Fall

October 27, 2016

Category: General

There will be many opportunities for you to learn about the Power of Productivity

Business Process Management (BPM) Explained

September 29, 2016

Category: General

We recently put together a three-part video series on Business Process Management. We’ll be releasing one part per month.

Part 1 addresses the basics: What is BPM?  Click through to learn more and link to the video. 



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